My Little Lazy Ticker


A quick check in to say all is status quo around these here parts. Tics mild as opposed to moderate – likely due to a big drop in gluten intake.

Stink is tired of the acupuncture – says he’s bored of lying on the table when all he can do is think about Mario, Pokemon and create comic books in his head. Then again, he’s also bored of school. He thinks waiting around for everyone to finish math on their worksheets while he’s done the mental computations is completely a waste of time. He is considered a “slam dunk” by our principal’s office for a GATE program at a local middle school should we choose to send him to a new Junior High, but he says he doesn’t want to take the gifted test because he doesn’t want more than ten minutes of homework every night.

Basically, I’m raising a gifted lazy ass.

Prayers accepted.

PS: If you live in Los Angeles, there is a Tourette Syndrome event happening in Hollywood this evening. It is featuring Michael Wolff – a gifted pianist – who is apparently the inspiration for the movie The Tic Code. Am I the only person on the planet who never saw this movie or even heard of it?


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Acupuncture Video #3 – Western vs. Chinese Medicine

In my third video of a series of acupuncture pieces, Martina Eberhard discusses the difference between Chinese and Western Medicine. Hint: It’s not that one doctor’s office has Fortune Cookies. Though if one did, I would make sure yours read: “Focus on you child’s gifts today!”

Happy end of weekend.



Almost Week 3 of Intuiv – Even Better

About a year ago, when I was crying to a family member about Stink’s upswing in tics and focus issues, I received some advice that felt very truthful to me. I never forgot it. I was struggling with the idea of medication for Stink. Her exact words were, “If you don’t medicate him, he very well might try to medicate himself one day.”

I certainly don’t think all kids need drugs, nor would Stink necessarily be that kid in Vegas boozing and drugging and humping everything in sight. But her words did give me pause. How many people, who are emotionally unstable, sedate themselves with wine? How many artists, unable to calm down their crazy brains, use weed to ease their nerves?

I was never 100% convinced medication was where I needed to go, and I gave it a lot of time before trying it. Her words were a great kick start to thinking about them, though.

And… after a few weeks on some actual medication… I am so happy to report that we are seeing really great results from the Intuniv. After bumping up the dosage from 1 – 2 pills, we have seen very little to no ticking. It’s like the edge is off Stink’s personality, but he’s far from subdued. He is not a robot. He is not lethargic or tired. He is just Stink, minus tics, plus a bit more grown up. He is a bit less impulsive, more interested in what others have to say, less argumentative and more able to control his outbursts. Overall, he’s a true pleasure to be around. It’s like we never went through that awful tic phase – it’s just that good.

Of course the moment I type this all hell will break loose and I’ll rue my words and spit on the screen.

But for now, I’m so happy about this progress! Even my formal father-in-law, who never says “boo” about anything my kids do, commented to my husband that Stink wasn’t making any sounds or noises. It was lovely!

Moral of the story: After lots of trials and errors, it’s possible to find a shoe that fits. Here’s to continued success with the Intuniv for us, and I have all fingers and toes crossed that the same goes for you.

What are you all trying this summer for your kids? Have any of you ever heard of the GAPS diet? With its root in digestive health (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) my bloggy friend, Raymond, has amazing reports of success with this diet. If you’re interested, I can post more soon.

Tonight I write. I have been lagging with my book. Sometimes I just wonder if this is something worth pursuing. It’s not like I have all the answers for this crazy syndrome. And I don’t always have peace about it. I feel akin to a yoga instructor who teaches people all day how to breathe and relax but then goes home, downs 2 bottles of wine and screams at her kids. I don’t think of myself as a role model for T.S. enlightenment. But then again, maybe that’s what people want: To know they aren’t alone in not feeling serenity all the time. Just my rambling. Would love to hear your thoughts, too.

Until next time, Andrea



I Changed My Mind on Meds – Because I Can

I’m back.  I’ve missed you all. How have you been?

I’ve been busy Ebaying and organizing my office. I’ve been swimming in Great Grandma Stella’s pool. I’ve been attempting to get in shape and get more sleep and pray and laugh and maybe, just maybe, I’ve been obsessing a teeensy bit more than a boatload of elephants at a circus parade about my decision to keep Stink off focus medication.

To be more specific than last time – because it’s just easier to not be cagey (like those poor elephants in the previous paragraph and shut up about that joke it was funny) – the idea of high functioning Aspergers came up at our last UCLA meeting. As I mentioned also, combined with many visits with teachers over the past few years, I decided to look into it more via a UCLA diagnostic study.

Shock of all shock, Stink fits the description for being “on the spectrum” and is a candidate for their drug study – one that uses Intuiv.  Intuiv is used for ADD and UCLA wants to see if it helps kids deal with Asperger symptoms. Continue reading “I Changed My Mind on Meds – Because I Can”