When my son was diagnosed at 4 there was no book out there that gave me hope. So I wrote one.
(Thanks to all you moms and dads around the world who write me weekly to tell me it was worth it.)


For those of you that are new here because maybe it’s 2am and you googled “Oh my God my kid is making this duck quack sound/I am freaking out/please help me figure out how to make it stop” you have found the right place.

I can’t promise you this site will cure tics. But it will do this: it will give you peace of mind, because I will share what I learned going from despair to hope.

My Story

My son was diagnosed at 5. I freaked out, got on meds, almost got a divorce over the stress, got sober and wrote a book. (Fun times!) I’m now off meds, a mindfulness freak, sober for 4 years and happily married. (To the same man! A miracle!) Plus “Stink” is now 17 and six foot six. He’s not only thriving, he’s helping me write Book #2 – Happily Ticked Off, Again. (Coming 2021)

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I’m so glad to get Happily Ticked Off with you!

Andrea (and Dom!)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Your Blog

 “I just want you to know how happy I am that I stumbled upon your blog many months ago while searching the internet (late at night, while my husband was sleeping soundly) for answers, support, someone to relate to about my sons tics. You made me feel ‘ok’ to feel what I was feeling and made me laugh when I was sad and frustrated. But most importantly you helped me see that I can’t do alot about the tics, but I can help myself and my son by not being so super sonically aware of when he tics.”

Carrie (Amazon Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Your Book”

I love the way the author takes the time to share her whole, naked story- not in the spirit of showcasing, but in the spirit of leading us all through her journey in the most honest way possible. I love the way she shows the reader that we CAN do this (in her case, accept her son’s diagnosis, but I don’t know that it even has to be that– her tips can apply to many, many circumstances), we can fumble and stumble, and we can laugh.

Amber (Amazon Review)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic quality”

“This is a well written book. The thoughts are organized and easy to follow. Chapters are short and contain great information. The author’s humorous style brings lightness to a serious subject.”

Nyla (Goodreads)

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