I Write.

I Teach.

I Eat Tacos.

As a writer with over 20 years in television, blogs, magazines and websites, my most proud accomplishment is my book, Happily Ticked Off. That’s probably because it’s about Dominic (AKA: “Nicky”and “Stink”.) Along with my daughter and husband, “Rex”, Dom is the most precious story I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of.

A New Look!

I started this site over 10 years ago. Although it’s seen many forms, I’m most excited about this latest layout. Like my journey with Tourettes, this updated site will continue to evolve, share hope, humor and important info about tics.

I’m Also a Book Coach and Freelancer!

In addition to writing almost daily here, you can find me freelance writing for various publications throughout Los Angeles and the world. Find more of my writing or book me to help you finally get that book out (you know you have one) at Andrea Frazer Writes.

HappilyTickedOff@ Gmail.com