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California Dreaming… On Such a Quarantine….


So yes, it’s Tuesday! And… there’s not a Tic-O Tuesday post. I’m just writing to check in to say that we are all alive and doing okay. Dom is busy catching up on school work, as is his sister. As I told Tuskany, I’m pretty proud that I was able to sit down with each of them, go over their schedule and  help them chart their course to not flunk out of 10th and 11th grade toward turning in all their overdue assignments.

How are all of you doing???

I don’t know about you all, but it can be hard to find that line between “let the crap fall where it may” and over-parenting. I think I leaned a bit too far to the left, so I’m finding y way.

Just like this blog. I can’t seem to find my footing here anymore. Thanks for being here as I figure out my path. All I know is that I’m excited to have found a business coach, I’m narrowing down my niche for my writing, and I’m turning it into a for profit deal. It’s pretty darn exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you!

And, on a Tourettes note, my son is barely ticking at all. I mean… none. He’ll be 18 in January, so for you people out there with kids in the thick of the tics, hold tight and know that sometimes it clears up.

I’m so happy with my little family these days. And while I have definitely flipped around finding my footing with my writing and blog the past few years, I am so proud of the life I’ve created and focused on here in my little home in Los Angeles. That’s a great place for me to start my next journey.

Love you all.


2 thoughts on “California Dreaming… On Such a Quarantine….”

  1. The parenting thing is definitely a balance. If we check in every day it’s too much and if we wait a week there are a bunch of missed assignments. But with 2 days left in the semester, we’re all over them. That’s awesome that your son isn’t ticcing. However, I think you should all acknowledge that he may be in remission. My tics went away when I was about 16 and came back when I was 35. Don’t want to be a buzz-kill, just a realist.

  2. Hi Jeff – Yes, you are right on both pieces. I share about my son’s tics because there was a time I was so worried about them. But I’m now in surrender. If he tics, he tics. It’s his journey and I don’t get to tell him how to navigate. I mean, how much fun was I as a mom always trying to fix them? Sigh. The big picture is I just love the heck out of him and want to support him for HIM not me. Big shift on my part. It’s a balancing act. How’s quarantine treating you?

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