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Motivation Monday

Okay, guys, it’s the first of my many Motivation Mondays to come! I’m going to keep these simple and list 5 do-able tasks I can do this week to keep me on track towards my writing goals.

  1. Finish a second pitch to the producer who took my first pitch. (Bug her for notes if I don’t hear by Friday.)
  2. Put all my poems that I’ve written this year (50 in total) into one document.
  3. Re-read your Ray McRubble Chapter book and get it ready for your writing conference you’re teaching at next weekend. (So Cal Christian Writers Conference)


4. Stick to your marketing/tweeting plan. Just ten minutes 3x day to learn about other people and how strategy works so that you are moving toward a place to sell your next book.

5. Write up another query (to a major magazine this time) so I can be closer to selling on that level.

To conclude, I will continue to pray and meditate each day. A positive mindset is key. Why shouldn’t I make my dreams happen? And why shouldn’t you?

So, what is your plan to motivate you? Let’s check back next week! Leave a comment. (Note: Nothing is too small! “I plan on cleaning the cat crap and not complaining so my house smells better.” That works! Get your ‘claws’ on that goal! (Oh don’t judge.)

Happily Ticked Off Tip #58: Make a list of goals and stick to them, no matter how small. You wouldn’t flake on a friend, so why flake on yourself? Ask God for help if you need it but whatever you do, don’t stop.

My book is available on Amazon. (Note: It’s a special ed journey… your kid doesn’t need to have Tourettes to relate!) Follow me on Twitter@AndreaFrazerWrites or on Facebook. )

(Note: It’s a special ed journey… your kid doesn’t need to have Tourettes to relate!) Follow me on Twitter@AndreaFrazerWrites or on Facebook. 


7 thoughts on “Motivation Monday”

  1. Love this!

    Five, you say? Ok let’s see…

    #1. Get the coffee pot ready the night before!!!!
    #2. Take a shower on Tuesday night as we have video conference calls on Wednesday mornings. (Yes I take showers on other days but I need to make sure Tuesday night is one of the days, consistently because of the Wed video call.)
    #3. On Wednesdays, prepare for my Thursday meetings.
    #4. Check TD Ameritrade and Mid Atlantic balances first and then move on to Schwab for reasons I can’t really get into because for Client privacy issues.
    #5. Update the tracker and workflow after each task instead of saving them all to do in batches. Batch input does not work for me so just stop it.

    1. Jinger, isn’t it amazing how one small thing like changing your shower routine can make everything run more smoothly? ( hope you have a less stressed day today)

  2. Some great tips Andrea, none more so than No.58. I make lists of lists I need to make & lists of lists I have made. The post-it note is one of my best friends.

  3. I didn’t really plan this week but I was productive . I took my lessons with the kids I teach , I wrote two blog post and promoted it. And of course I went to church , prayed and drew out plan for next week . next week I’m going to publish three blog post , I have a full time job and also extra lessons . and I’m going to take a course on edx . that’s basically it

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