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Asking Questions. It’s My New Form of Talking


This just in: I am talking less and asking more questions.

I’ll just let that sink in and get back to you tomorrow.

Until then, I’d love to ask you a question – and be honest: Do you listen to truly listen, or are you computing info to best formulate a comeback that proves your side of the street?

Leave a comment and we’ll talk tomorrow!

Happily Ticked Off Tip #24: We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. When I remember that, life goes along just fine!

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2 thoughts on “Asking Questions. It’s My New Form of Talking”

  1. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I nod and smile. When I am one on with someone or we are sitting down together in a group I listen. I try to make eye contact, tuck things that are important in the back of my mind to pray about or remember a good way to bless them in the future. And then I also don’t listen. I have 4 kiddos and some days someone is always talking to me or at me. Sometimes I cannot listen anymore or the screams inside my head come outside my head. I hate having to say “Please Be Quiet” or “We will talk about it next time” …I know there may not be next time, but if I can ask/tell them nicely not right now – then I don’t scream at them to Shut Up!

    I especially find listening hard when I don’t feel like I am being listened to. Do you ever feel that?

    1. Hi there Irish Mama – What a nice response. I am not as good as you at listening. I have spoken to you and yes, I always feel heard. Thank you. Do I feel heard from others? No. Not always. My husband is excellent, as is my mom and my friend Tuskany. My kids are and aren’t, depending on the day. With students I think half goes through their ears and out. Depends. 🙂

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