9 Ways a Naturopath Can Help with Tics and Tourettes


Today I took Stink back to Dr. Carroll. It had been over 3 years. Instead of fitting halfway on his exam table, Stink took up the entire table, his size 8 mens Nike’s dangling off the edge.

As usual, Dr. Carroll was calm, cool and collected. Just walking into the office I felt a sense of peace. I’d call it the placebo effect of Mama about to get some help, but Stink himself barely ticked at all. Between Stink’s “Tough Guys Wear Pink” tee shirt, and Dr. Carroll’s crisp and cool lavender pressed oxford, I felt like Spring had sprung again in my heart. I had forgotten how smart and lovely this doctor is. He really knows how to interact both with a neurotic mama (um, me) and a spirited, sweet kid.

Note to self: We need a calmer environment at home. Working on that. Sadly, I don’t drink wine anymore and I’ve never smoked doobage. Perhaps I need a full box CD set of John Denver. And a truck load of clove cigarettes. Thoughts?

Keeping this short as I have a big day with my daughter tomorrow. You know… the kid that doesn’t tic who is just as valuable to this family and worthy of attention. (Note to Moms: Don’t get so sucked into your “special needs” kid you forget that all your kids have special needs! And you do, too, cause you’re special!)

Here are 9 things Doctor Carroll had to say about tics

1. No gluten or dairy: It is the devil for all auto-immune disorders.

2. No video games: NONE. The basil ganglia gets over loaded with dopamine. Wires get crossed. It’s just bad bad news.

3. Check for food allergies: Get blood work done up to check for a comprehensive food allergy test. Once you know what your child is allergic to, you can best give him the nutrients he needs for his growing body. The testing these days has offending items narrowed down to food dye and specific chemicals. (Specific test links to come once I find out!)

4. Lots of exercise: If your child is addicted to video games, the physical movement will help the craving go away.

5. Fish Oil: Make Nordic Naturals your friend. It helps support a child’s brain and aids in focus.

6. Saliva based Genetic Testing: Get a work up done by 23 and Me. One swab of your child’s saliva and you can have real insight into what’s packed into their DNA. Knowing this can help your naturopath treat your child’s specific ailments.

7. GMO is the Devil: Yes, not feeding a child GMO can actually make a huge difference in their symptoms. I’ll talk about GMO more another day. First, I’d like to watch the movie, Genetic Roulette, which talks about how the chemicals in our food is a huge reason for the issues we are seeing in our children. 

8. Organic Organic Organic: Yes, this makes a difference. See #7. It’s not that much more expensive to eat organic if you are willing to shop on sale. Stay away from the Dirty Dozen and stick with the Clean 15. The verdict is split on if fruits with thick skin like bananas and melons have to be organic. Some say the thick skin makes it okay. Others say it’s bad because it gets into the “blood stream” of the plan either way.

9. Supplements: Once you have a nutritional plan figured out for your child, a good naturopath can provide suggestions for supplements that can work with his nutritional needs. (Ex: Dr. Carroll mentioned Gaba as an excellent source of “calm” for Stink’s overactive brain.)



Does this seem like a lot to you? It does to me. I can’t do ANY of it now. I just can’t. I’m on a budget. My husband is not on my alternative medicine train. And yet, I feel excited. I have a plan. To me it all makes sense.

For the next few days, I’m going to let this all sink in.

Then I’m going to hear about my job interview from yesterday.

And when I get something full time with benefits, I’m going to execute. Little by little, step by step.

PS: The one thing I don’t think I’ll do is take away video games all together. Why? Stink isn’t 100% on board. He’s almost 12. He must be proactive in this area. I would like to see if we did everything else, with video games down to a few hours only on weekends, if this will do the trick. If not, it’s out like a rotted organic peach.

Until Thursday, may God grant you the serenity to accept the tics you cannot change, change the tics you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

What about you? What do you think about the list?

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4 thoughts on “9 Ways a Naturopath Can Help with Tics and Tourettes”

  1. Hey Andrea.

    Been a long time since I last wrote, but have to say that we have by research and trial come to the same conclusion that your doc has reached above. While we do allow some room to cheat on the weekends (a little video games and Coconut milk ice-cream), we have stuck to it and continue to see results.

    A couple of things we have done due to the cost factors that we share with you: 1. We stopped the expensive homeopath treatments. At the end of the day we felt it was dealing with symptoms but don’t know if it was really treating the core issue. 2. Supplements have become: Coconut oil (every day, 1 larget tablespoon), GABA, Capsum Colostrum (sp?), ProBiotoics 400M and bentonite clay at night

    I agree about killing GMO’s, bread’s, dairy, etc., We have also replaced our butter something my wife gets in the jar.

    When we started this, everyone had increased symptoms, rashes, all kinds of “crap” started coming out. However things have calmed down and most tics have subsided. I don’t think Jackson was as severe as Stink, but they still make you crazy….

    Anyway, wanted to respond and let you know there are others of us trying to “heal on a budget”. We appreciate that there are a number of replacement items out there so the kids don’t feel like they are missing out on too much but let’s be honest. It sux!!

    Good luck and we’re all out here fighting the good fight against the auto-immune stuff!


    1. Thank you, Raymond. I thought of you when I wrote this post. I think of you and your family from time to time and hope you are happily settled in your “new” location. It’s been a few years already! Wow.

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