One of These Kids Is Not Like The Other

“One of these things is not like the other…” That used to be my kids’ favorite Sesame Street song. They’d squeal with joy when one row of boxes containing 3 apples and oranges rolled by, while another box contained 3 apples and a banana. So similar, yet so different!

Perhaps you, too, can play this game with my children.

Pip’s Suitcase


Stink’s Suitcase


Pip’s version of arcade game playing


Stink’s version


Pip’s version of hat wearing


Stink’s version


While I’m stoked to say that no one laughs at Stink for a few tics, our family finds him pretty hilarious. He really brightens our lives.

Pip finds him pretty darn funny also. She’ll even tie his shoes for him. 7

After all, shirtless arcade play is exhausting. Plus he’s got those 100 pens to organize in his suitcase.

The takeaway: If your kid is eccentric like mine, like Stink’s treasured Scooby Doo suitcase, you better roll with it. They only get more eccentric with time. (And thank God. It’s so much more fun.)

7 thoughts on “One of These Kids Is Not Like The Other”

    1. @ Adelia – I wonder if teachers from his previous school would think so? I have a feeling we would become very acquainted with the office.

      1. Bwahhahaaa, Andrea! For real. I don’t know about you, but that whole experience did have a silver lining. I developed a spine.

  1. Nick had that very same Scooby Doo suitcase and just got rid of it last year!!! Was his favorite FOREVER!!!!! Awesome !!!!!!! Your kids look so happy and well-adjusted. Good job mama!

  2. Just wanted to let you know how beautiful Pip is! Wow what a young lady she is. How is she growing up so fast? But then i think I have been a part of your “reading” family for almost 7 years and I think wait “How did that happen” How is my oldest almost 7!

    1. OH, Irishmama, it’s always so good to hear from you., I do miss the BabyCenter days, still. Damn them for letting me go…. 🙂

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