Supplementally Speaking… All Good

It’s been a whirlwind in our home, hence the lack of posts. I hope you have all been well. As a quick wrap up, here’s what is going on with us:

* My friend with the Leukemia is on Round 4 of chemo. She is as cheery as the day is long and puts my complaints about tics to shame

* I haven’t been able to visit her this week due to a massive chest cold which probably resulted from…

* My daughter’s cold last Friday where she stayed home from school

* Lots of run around due to the Talent Show on Saturday that she and Stink participated in. Stink told jokes with a buddy (buddy not shown.)

Pip danced with Miss L and another friend (not pictured.)

* Running around on Sunday to our local food bank for a Sunday school field trip

* Combine all this with Halloween last week, volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center on Monday, and the every day going ons of being a mom, well… my immune system was bound to crash

I don’t know about you, but I really have a hard time finding balance sometimes. I am not an idle person who likes to sit on my duff when there are causes to be fought that are near and dear to my heart. And yet, what good is waving my flag if I’m too sick to carry it long?

Today, thanks some good friends at my kids’ school, I stayed on the couch all day. They took my kids to school and will take them home afterwards. I only need to fire up my lap top and write. And sleep!

Oh yeah, and VOTE. Vote, people!

I know the burning question all of you want the answer to is, “How are Stink’s tics?” I’m happy to report that they remain very very mild. Except for that minor shuddering he does, the vocals are still at bay. I am so grateful for that. I really am. It will likely change. Tics are like bad holiday guests… just when you think they are gone from a maddening Thanksgiving they show up on Christmas Eve with friends. My motto is to enjoy the quiet while I can.

Thinking and praying for you all.

2 thoughts on “Supplementally Speaking… All Good”

  1. Thank you, Dee. I find her to be very stunning myself, but all parents love their girls and boys. I hope your sweet baby is doing well!!!!

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