Tourettes and Behavior, Part 3


Tics have improved 90% from 7am to4pm. By 5PM, when he’s tired, we’re at a 60% improvement. Almost no verbal clicks or sentence interruption. Minor shudders only.


Other than having the teacher write to me saying that he and his best girlfriend, Miss Z, had to be “talked to” for playing tag by patting each other on the butt, he is doing awesome.

NOTE: Because I have written this down, I will be cursed and he will start baying like a horse and be suspended for setting the lunchroom on fire tomorrow.

Good night.

2 thoughts on “Tourettes and Behavior, Part 3”

  1. so you are giving him the supplements that are photographed 2 blogs ago? I need to maybe look for them, did you get them at a health food store? We just upped Nick’s Intuniv to 2 mg 5 days ago……..still almost constant HAA HAA HAA every couple minutes -though down from every couple seconds. sigh

  2. Your posts continue to help me realize that the answer is there, and that you are also doing a great job with the kids…. It is simply amazing how outside elements have such an impact on the kids. I don’t know if I should believe it is the metals in the immunization shots or the sensitivity to all the gunk, but having gone past the Food Police in our house to Food Gestapo (Sp?) I can tell you that re-introduction brings back the tics. We went to Zov’s the other night to escape the mundane and decided that we still liked our kids and would bring them back the flourless Gluten free chocolate cake to share. They loved it and were so excited. PUtting my son to bed that night he began the eye-roll and I felt so guilty. Haven’t let him have dairy or sugar since and haven’t seen another one. These tics are like fingerprints; every kids are different. You have the key which is to keep on searching for what works and to not lose your sense of humor (or mind) along the way. My kid takes so many homeopathic remedies and has to eat so many strange foods it would make your head spin…..! But at the end of the day I don’t see tics, he is no longer getting repeated staph and strep and it seems like as soon as we let our guard down, something comes back to kick me in the butt again and remind me…….

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