Tourettes and Behavior, Post 1 (and Day 1 of Supplements)

Supplements, Day 1

Above is what I give to Stink every morning. I am adding in some other nutrients I ordered by mail toward the end of the week.He’s still taking his 2mg/Intuniv for focus.

So far, no changes. Lots of low verbals that interrupt his speech about every 20 words. My friends swear their kids don’t notice. I have the best liars pals in the world.

It will take about 1 week to see if the supplements make a difference. But the difference my support system has made on me this week? 100% improvement. (Get yourselves some supplemental good people in your life, pronto!)

Andrea Crackdown, Day 1

I’m putting 10 items/day on Ebay first thing in the morning to bring in a little cash. I’m doing well!

I’m organizing my office.

And also… here’s the big news… I’m attempting to have some fun again! I’ve been a bit ridiculously focused on “fix it” mode when, really, there’s nothing to fix as far as Stink is concerned. If he’s happy and content, then I need to be also. It’s a process. But I’m determined to get there.

Kid Crackdown, Day 1


When Stink was diagnosed 5 years ago, I feared the worst. I worried he’d be ostracized, anxious and depressed.


None of those things happened. (Not to him, anyway. His mother? Whole other story.) Stink is thriving, happy and confident. In fact, he’s more than confident.

Reality Check

At times he can be a down right know-it-all at all the wrong times and, well, I blame myself for that.

Somewhere along the way I did a pretty good job at nurturing his soul, but not a great enough job encouraging good habits.

He’s also more crafty than I would care to admit, as well as whiny, argumentative, and more sneaky/jokey than Fred and George Weasley.

And guess what? My daughter – my neurotypical organized A-personality driven Hermione Granger – she’s brilliant at throwing a bedtime tantrum and leaving her toys all over the place.

With our house slowly being put back together, it’s operation Crack Down around here. We’re cracking down on putting stuff away, ending the back talk and establishing peace.

Not for one second do I think, “Oh, poor Stink with the T.S… he can’t be expected to do his share based on impulse control issues.”


He can and he will.

So much of his personality has to do with being a nine-year old boy, T.S. or not. Same with my eight year old daughter.

Here’s the new rules and consequences we have.

New Household Rules to keep Mama from losing her brain for a More Relaxed Atmosphere


* Get up with the alarm

* Make your beds and get dressed

* Breakfast by 7 (Pip showers in morning, Stink at night)

* Breakfast dishes away

* Out the door by 7:45 to walk

If either of these aren’t done, and I have to remind them, they get 5 minutes of cleaning per infraction after school.

After School

* Snack for 30 minutes

* Homework

* Dinner around 5:30

* Pip sets table/Stink clears it

* Bedtime routine at 6:30

* In bed by 7 to read, lights out by 8 after prayers

It’s been a bit rough of a start, but I’m holding my ground. I can’t do it all.

What do I need to do? Relax – not just about about tics – but everything. I can’t be C.E.O. of Character Development, Tic Police, Head of Eating Operations and Chief Maid. I need help, and I’m not outsourcing it.

Something that is important to me, dare I say more important than banishing tics, is self-reliance. It’s my job to have both my kids be functioning adults. If this means more work for a while and less play, then they can deal with it.

And really, it feels glorious to type this while my minions do their 15 minutes of cleaning. Anti-child labor is very underrated.

Come visit me over at the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome where this blog is syndicated.

5 thoughts on “Tourettes and Behavior, Post 1 (and Day 1 of Supplements)”

  1. Hi Andrea,
    I’m learning so much by reading your blog; especially in how not to overeact in situations. You know I’m bothered by my son’s tics. Why? because it hurts me (more than it hurts him). I see him ”hinding” his tics and that bothers me. He told me he tries to hold his tics at school because he doesn’t want people to notice. I have to work with him on that one ! I want him to be confident with who he is but he’s not there yet (and it’s probably my fault). Your son doesn’t seem bothered by his tics at all; he has no physical or psychological pain. THAT is a big plus. You talked about Stink having a favorite tic so I asked Vincent yesterday what was his favorite. I couldn’t beleive he actually had one ! Too ”funny”.
    BTW you’re writing is impeccable. You have a way to tell a story with amazing humor. You’re giving me a complex since my first language and I studied in French.

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