Faith, Supplements and Hope: Welcome!

After everything we went through this summer and last Spring with UCLA and their “wonderful” Intuniv program, Stink’s tics are worse than ever. His focus is up, but what is the trade off? The ability to sit still while clicking 50 times/minute plus, oh this is a fun one, at least three shudders/minute? Should we get on yet another medication to help ease this? Maybe some nice narcotic? And then, down the road, shall we go with an anti-depressant to ease some of the social stigma from all the stares and questions about his tics?


I am easing away from this stupid drug and all these ridiculous labels about what it means to have T.S.. I always say it, but far greater than a “classification” for symptoms is confidence, and God bless Stink, he has it in spades.

I am not going down the drug route anymore unless absolutely necessary.

And, as fate will have it, UCLA isn’t returning my call anyway. I have tried, for 2 months, to get a hold of Dr. McCracken, via email and phone. He had promised me, after we thought we found a silver bullet in helping Stink’s tics and focus, to tweak the meds if there was a problem. HELLO THERE IS A PROBLEM! But where is Dr. McCracken? Likely busy with yet another study that is funding his research or perhaps a child with more severe issues than Stink.

Which is fine with me. I wish him no ill will. He is very good at what he does.

But I’m good at what I do. It’s called calling B.S. when I see B.S..

I will moderate these tics with diet and some better supplements and, in three months, I will have good news to share with you!

Until then, please love your kids for who they are, not their tics. They are worth it. Life is short. Our kids are growing up fast. Time, like our kids, is ticking. Don’t let fear and a medical community who only knows “pills” tell you how to raise your kid. If the drugs work for you, yeah! But if they don’t, do not give up hope. There is always another way. And that way, my friends, is perseverance and faith and some mama kick butt humor and strength. We’re all in this together.

Next post: Supplements! We started today. I’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Faith, Supplements and Hope: Welcome!”

  1. Proud of you for trying the unknown and being honest about your experience. I know people tell you all the time about how they know someone with Tourettes….and how great they are doing as adults…but I’m going to tell you anyway: My husband works with an Apple engineer who has Tourettes. He’s among the best. He tics. Vocal (a cough or throat clearing/movement tics (head bobbing). Everyone notices. No one cares. The dude is a nice guy and a fantastic engineer, which people do notice AND care about. So there. Add my story to the basket you can pull from when needed.

    1. I’ve been working with kids as a paraprofessional recently and not one of them our kids’ age (3rd,4th,5th grade) can sit still, especially the boys. The ones that focus and sit still are outside of the ‘norm”. And these are neurotypical kids. Also I noticed one boy today (for the very first time in 6 weeks) making the same grimace my son makes. And I think I only noticed it because it reminded me of my son and caught my eye because of that alone. None of the other paras has ever mentioned him as doing anything out of the ordinary. And he’s a popular kid, one of the football team’s stars. I’m beginning to think childhood ADD and lack of focus, particularly in boys, is normal. My son’s counselor also says tics are common and doesnt’ seem as concerned about them as about his anxiety. I think they might be more noticible/bothersome to us than to the general public. That being said, just as an FYI, they kill me anyway.

      1. Joy, your name is an irony when it comes to tics, eh? I get it. Hang tough. Your comments are always appreciated. You are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well…..I was holding up ok until Nick’s vocal tics went LOUD and through the ROOF the last 3 days. I am still praying, not drinking, and still exercising. But last night I cried in bed for about a half hour. I felt better until I got up to go to the bathroom to blow my nose and heard Nick still ticcing loudly in his room while watching his tv. Sigh. Nick rode off on his bike to school with his neighborhood friends this morning……and I could hear him ticcing “AH AH AH” a block away. He has lots of friends and we have God. That is what I am hanging on to this morning. Thank you for asking, and thank you for writing. It really does help to know we are not alone.

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