What Do You Do For Yourselves When Things Are Hard?

I had such a rough day yesterday. The school called over a forgotten lunch. There was a minor drama with one of my kid’s parents over a misunderstanding which has since been resolved. I was running late for everything. Stink’s tics were back in full force.

So I went to my comfort zone and indulged in a few too many glasses of wine.

Here’s the deal on the alcohol: Did you know that whether you drink one or 4 glasses of wine on a Tuesday, your kid will still tic the next morning? Not just that, but you’ll have a headache and look like crud along with it?

I really don’t think I’m an addict to wine so much as an addict to finding a solution for something that has no solution. It’s really kind of crazy.

Sometimes I re-read these blog posts and I think, “Holy Cow, Andrea, you are obsessed. Are you helping people deal with tics or just not willing to face reality – that reality being that your kid TICS. He’s fine. You’re the idiot.”

One thing I have decided this morning – as I run late again – is I’m not going to be a drunk slob if my kid has T.S.. I’m going to be someone fabulous.

Here’s to Day 1 of no booze for a while. I am going to Oktoberfest next weekend. I hope to enjoy a few beers there! But if I can’t, because my emotions are still in the toilet and I’m drinking to cover up pain over stuff I can’t control, then I won’t be crying in my beer. (Literally.) I’ll be the one with the Diet Coke and the short skirt giving Tourettes education to all the bartenders while my husband gets sloshed.

Good times.

What about you? When you’re a bit frustrated over stuff, what do you do to make it better in a healthy (or non healthy) way?



7 thoughts on “What Do You Do For Yourselves When Things Are Hard?”

  1. I have drank for stress for a long time. Until I had the epiphany that you did – even if I drink four beers in one night, Nick will still tic the next day. I have no control over Nick’s tics. I have control only over myself. Your post is SO timely. I am on day 4 of no alcohol. I went 90 days last year with none…….during a time of Nick’s high tics and I was having major anxiety. But drinking wasn’t helping, so I ditched it. I know I can do it again. I have started slowly going back to my power classes at the gym. I have a goal of running Bloomsday in May…..haven’t done a race in a few years and used to love it. I pray all the time and BELIEVE that God has good plans for Nick (Jeremiah 29:11). I do. I pray for peace to guard my heart and mind, and that I will be strong and not drink. So what I do healthy is exercise and bible study Monday nights. Just a small group of 4 friends. We do some workbooks from Tree of Life, LIving a Praying Life is the one we are doing now. And honestly…..since we are being very honest here……..some days I feel like all will be ok. Nick will outgrow the tics through his teenage years, I will be strong and God will be our rock. Then I hear Nick grunting again 20 times a minute, go in my room and cry where he won’t see me, and pray again. I think the biggest thing is don’t beat yourself up over how you feel. But pray, pray, pray. PS Alcohol……..it is a depressant. Huge rollercoaster of anxiety the next day. It really is better sober 😉

    1. Yeah, very anxious today. Who knew? But I’m going back to the gym and eating well. It is what it is. Hey, I’m not too far in the bell jar if I recognize it. Woooo hooo for small victories. And I am with you on the prayer thing. It really helps me also. I’d be a more of a ,mess than I sometimes feel without it.

  2. i find my way to nature……a friend gave me this verse a couple weeks ago after she warned me she was going to be godly =o ) joshua 1 :9. also, just an fyi there’s a new book out written by a guy with tourettes about himself and 17 other adults with tourettes….its called a day in the life of tourettes (i think) by troye evers….just thought i’d share.

  3. I am just trying to figure out what to do with all this anxiety caused by Joshua’s tics. I am fairly new to this adventure and not really doing well with it either. I too turn to nature… I love the outdoors…anything outside with the yard, interacting with my horses, etc. It does help temporarily, but then i come back inside and have the same thing to deal with!

    Do your children have any sleep issues with their tics?
    Do you guys think that Dr. Stack’s dental mouth piece is a scam?
    Has anyone ever heard of Robin Pauc in the UK that helps with tic disorders?

    See Andrea… I am as bad as or worse than you about obsessing over trying to make this condition better or at least more tolerable!


    1. My son has sleep issues, I give him melatonin. He still wakes up earlier than he used to but he can get to sleep.

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