A Cure For Tics! Really! And Pigs Fly! It’s True! (Well, They Sell Cure-Alls!)

I am steaming mad tonight, and it’s not that Stink’s tics are pretty non-stop. Quite the contrary, I am really taking on my mantra: “If you can’t fix the tics, fix yourself.” I am exercising, relaxing, off the wine  (in an attempt to drop 15 pounds) and just counting my blessings.

I’m mad about the response I received from an advertiser who will remain nameless. I will not reveal if this douche bag advertiser sold magic pills, e-books, supplements or therapies for tics. I will just say that they claim to stop twitches and sounds for a fee that’s more than a cup of coffee but less than a pair of Lucky Jeans. (Evasive enough? Good. Let’s continue.)

The ad promises it will work 100% and that their own kid suffered from tics and they can END! YOUR! KID’S! TICS! ALSO! It’s that easy! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote them and said I would do a review for them in exchange for a free product. I was upfront that I could not spend more $ on something that I wasn’t sure worked. “But if it’s all it claims to be,” I wrote, “Then I will shout it from the rooftops and spread the word throughout Facebook and the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome.”

I would run a contest to get him more traffic! It would be a win-win for my son, his wallet, and nervous parents everywhere.

I received a quick response where I was asked for my site stats. I sent him a copy of them. (Believe me – I’m not exactly getting a million hits/day.)

He wrote back 24 hours later with this response. What you see is unedited. The first paragraph is in relation to my question about tic elimination.

His response

From my own experience and from feedback I get from people I would say the following numbers apply:

50% total elimination – it can take anywhere from a week (! but these are rare cases) to 3-4 months

30% significant reduction – and I mean noticeable and significant!

20% no significant change. Although many people say the kids are less hyper and calmer. And happier.

I think you would understand why i am hesitant to commit to your proposal…

Do I send you the eBook, wait for you 2-3 months and then unfortunately your case belongs to the 20% or even 30% and I get a nasty or no review?
My reputation could be damaged unfairly…

YES – i know! The way the sales page appears is as if this is the miracle cure. Sorry ….. so does every other product. 
My website consultant suggested and created it. (the testimonials are real by the way !!!)

If you want I can have (someone) Paypal you some money so it will be a paid post and you can just review the product and mention its existence.
You can also run a contest for a free copy.

I am not doubting your integrity as a writer – i would not want it any other way!
All I am saying is for you to understand my situation and realize that marketing and reality are not always on the same page.

He goes on to say a few more things, then ends it with, “God Bless.”

Where my head spins off its shoulders My thoughts

This person is willing to falsely lead frantic parents down a primrose path and then tell us that we are stupid for believing him since ads are never real. Translation: “We are complete and total frauds, but we need cash. PS: Jesus Loves You.”

My response

Hi Devil Spawn –
No problem. I totally appreciate you getting back to me.
I suppose I’m disappointed because, even if your marketing director said to do it a certain way, it’s kind of false advertising. Either it works 100% or it doesn’t. Your ad is appealing to people like me who, in desperate situations, will do anything to make their children’s lives better.
I think it would be more honorable to tell the truth: This works x amount of times and in x amount of cases. But that doesn’t sell as much product.
I don’t mean to sound high-handed. But it’s disappointing.
For the record, I would NEVER repeat an email from you or discredit you in any way. I’m not into character defamation of any kind. But I will tell my readers to be aware of ads that promote cure-alls.
I would ask you to humbly search your heart and consider revising your statements in your ads. It would add sooooo much validity to you.
Again, thanks for your honesty in your letter back. I wish you the very best.
(Note to my own readers: I am only repeating some of their email and gave no names, so I stand by my word.)
Their response

I agree !!!!
In an ideal world…..

I’ll tell you what:
Show me ONE ad/website/print that gives percentages and I will pay to have my site revised and rewritten!!!!

God Bless!

My response back

I do understand. I really do. But this isn’t a cleaning product – it’s placing false hope for a real disorder that affects real people. I understand that you need to make money, but there are some things where it’s more important to do the right thing. THAT’s what God blesses. It’s not a catch phrase or an email tag line. 
With all due respect, you should be really ashamed of yourself.
His response back
I’ll never know. I will delete it without looking at it. I can’t waste any more time on this. As the Bible says, “Don’t throw pearl to swine.”
God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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11 thoughts on “A Cure For Tics! Really! And Pigs Fly! It’s True! (Well, They Sell Cure-Alls!)”

  1. Hi Andrea…I just started following your blog. I have a daughter who just turned 7 with mild tics. She is on intuniv 2 mg and isn’t ticcing at the moment. Just wanted to say Hi. Also I love your blog and so much of what you say is like it is coming out of my own mouth. I so relate to you. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. HI Tara – So glad your daughter is doing well. Did you do the Intuniv for tics or focus first, or both? I did it for focus with the encouragement that the tics would mitigate. Which they did. Until the past week or so, but school and stuff. I will have to ride them out. I wish I didn’t get so bothered by them, but it is a life lesson for me in patience for sure. Best to you and your family. Andrea

      1. Hi again Andrea. We wanted something for her tics and when I read that Intuniv also helped hyperness/focus I was so happy because I have always felt she was adhdish…if that makes sense?

        However we did have her assessed just when she turned 6 and the psychologist does not think she is ADHD. Maybe she just isn’t ADHD enough if you know what I mean. Anyways we started removing the Intuniv at the end of the school year this year and once we removed the final 1mg no tics came back but she sure got more hyper. She was driving us batty. She got in trouble at school (which never happened before) and her work quality went down. So we upped it back to 1 mg for the summer. Then 2 weeks ago the tics came back right at her bday (too much excitement?) so we upped her back to 2mg and within 1 day they started backing away and I see an odd one here and there now. So I don’t know what to think, I am thoroughly confused at what she has or doesn’t have.

        I pray the Intuniv continues to work for her. How many mg’s is Stink on? Ella is 7 and weighs 62lbs and is on 2mg. 1 mg a.m. 1 mg p.m.?

  2. Honestly, I am so appalled by that email exchange. It is disgusting that this person actually thinks their actions are okay & honorable because “everyone else is doing the same thing”. Apparently, they were never taught that sometimes honestly, integrity & values mean you have to rise above “what everyone else is doing”. Not to mention the final response…really!?

    My head almost caught on fire reading it I was so steamed! Urgggh.

  3. Thank you for speaking up! Many of those so-called cure alls probably never have had someone question their product or advertisement. The person selling this obviously never had a child or someone they love with tics. They knew they couldn’t win the battle with you so they gave up. Thanks for speaking up on be half of all of us!! Take care

    1. Hi Christa – I was BEYOND angry. I usually can see both sides, but not in this case. THis person is truly truly lost and I do feel sorry for him. I did receive an emall back last night that began with “Now you’ve really gone overboard…” and I kept my word ot myself: I hit delete before losing one more moment with this madness. I believe in power of expression and letting someone have their peace. But we both did it – we expressed our viewpoints. Our exchanges had been clear enough and now it was down to name calling and I refuse to do that. To be fair to this person, I have been in his position as well when someone called me on my poop and I got MAD. Why did I get mad? Because I was so sure they were wrong? No – it was because I knew in my gut they were right and I didn’t want to change. Well, I told him he was wrong and in this case I 100% believe it and there is nothing more to say.

      Well, I”m off to help my husband fix some blinds in our cabin. My son is watching TV and ticking like mad. If only a cure-all could fix it! But since it can’t, then it’s down to acceptance on my part, learning about God’s character through this experience, and teaching myself to get a grip and love everything about my kid because he is worht it. And so am I.

      And so are you, Christa! And everyone reading!

  4. @ Tara – Stink is on 1 mg also. I’d say that the reason he is ticking more is due to the 1mg. but he was ticking on 2mg also. I just don’t know what to think. I’m truly tired. The past two weeks have been a real test of my patience, but on a bright note, my friends and husband have really stepped up. I’m not depressed so much as tired. i can deal with that.

    I’m so glad the tics are okay on your end! Yeah!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Would you think of stepping up the medicine to something stronger? We’ve researched Tetrabenazine and Topomax. Tetrabenazine is what our neuropsychiatrist mentioned to us as a next step if necessary. None of these drugs are the heavy duty antipsychotic drugs that have the harsh side effects.

      My emotions just tank and I become quite down in the dumps when her ticks start. My husband is just like yours laid back about it all. I so know how you are feeling I wish I could meet up with you and just talk, it sure helps when people understand doesn’t it?

      My daughter starts school tomorrow and as everyone is excited and loving their kids going back to school. I am dreading it because school is a source of anxiety for her which you guessed it means (tics)! I pray they stay away.

      I’m curious to know what you think about stronger meds?

      Hang in there.

      1. Greetings from Big Bear! You know, we have considered going higher. More on this on my next post. Would love to meet you , too, and all of you. You are not alone! Best with school tomorrow. Will say a prayer for you. Andrea

  5. Hey Andrea, we can’t believe you had to endure all that. It was amusing to hear that way you responded, though! 🙂 This blog will go up Thursday on our site, and also, thanks so much for the shout-out!!!!

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