Bleh bleh and bleh. You’re welcome.

I cut and pasted a real email to my apparently not real husband who can’t be human since tics don’t bug him at all. See below. Perhaps you can relate? And if you can’t, tell me how you are so un-nerved by vocals? Inquiring minds want to know.

Hi –

Hope work is going okay today. I printed out the code for the WiFi – thanks! It’s working.

WARNING: Repeat Whine Ahead but it’s better than real wine at 12PM so deal with it:

I’m suddenly feeling very very sad due to all these squeaks. Oh, well. I will get through this ticky time. I will. It’s just been worse than normal.

Because I can hear your voice in my brain, let me say that yes, I accept he has T.S..

I accept we did EVERYTHING we could do (still are) and he’s doing waaaay better than he would be without the Intuniv.

I accept that even I’m in a better place than I was last year or before that.

But I do not accept that my emotions occasionally go into the toilet when he tics.

I can’t fix tics, but how do I fix feeling yukky about them? How do I feel okay? I am praying about it and giving it to God.

What’s the answer? That sometimes life is just hard and that, like the cycle of the tics, I’ll have good and bad days?

I just wish I could handle the tics like Stink does – where they don’t bug him and it’s just a part of who he is. I’m just not there.

On that note, the house is clean and we’ll have a lovely meal. Because, you know, I rock.

Love you –


PS: Just got off the scale and am 8 pounds over my happy weight and that, frankly, blows.

PSS: But not as much as tics.

* Photo taken of Miss L, Pip and Stink at one of their thrice weekly playdates this summer. Normally I don’t allow dogs at the table, but I made an exception for this one.

6 thoughts on “Bleh bleh and bleh. You’re welcome.”

  1. omg, that made me cry, literally. Have been there so many times…….I too don’t want my emotions waxing and waning with my son’s tics………that hit way close to home 😦 and my husband (Nick’s stepdad) always, always says “Nick will be fine, you’ll see.” To which I say, “I truly hope so…….but I’m not” I honestly do believe its harder on moms, for some reason.

  2. Hi, Andrea! It’s just the same here in Brazil… I always have to tell what’s happening to my husband, because he can’t see by himself… It’s very tiring, sometimes. Tics are not bad here, but recently my daughter (almost 7 years old) has started some mouth opening and a few OCD symptoms… (she had some blinking a couple years ago, but was ok since then). So right now I have two little tickers at home (in both cases very mild tics, thanks God. But still tics!). Anyway, I DO have the feeling that things are going to be all right. For us and for you, too!

    1. I don’t believe you! Nooooo! Everyone knows that Brazil is the land of tan bodies in g-strings with the never ending beaches and beautiful people. There is NO WAY tics could invade that sexy bubble. (On a serious note, I really am sorry. I get it ! It’s going to be okay. Promise!)

  3. To paraphrase Sarah Palin: “What’s the difference between a TS mom and a pitt bull?- Lipstick!” Go get ’em, Andrea!

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