How Is Everyone Doing?

Well, the moment I write “tics are gone” they always come back. But they are still at a minimum and I am very happy with the Intuniv. Stink is still Stink: happy and charming and sometimes a bit toooo silly. But I’ll take that over a flatlined robot.

I don’t know about you all, but I am finally hitting the wall with this summer fun non-sense. If I do one more load of dishes, or fold anymore laundry, only to see it pile up again in the course of one hour, I will lose my brain.

My kids have gotten excessively argumentative and hyper. They need structure. Apparently there really can be too much of a good thing in terms of swimming, friends and hang out time. It’s time for a schedule!

As I type this, 4 kids are running through the house. I normally take them to the pool or the Y or even Grandma’s house. Today? I’m cleaning. My house looks like a giant petri dish.

In closing, I am pretty stoked that I have air condition in this weather! And while I’d kill for a house that has more shelving and a prettier kitchen, I’m pretty darn grateful for what I do have. Pandora music, some fresh coffee, health insurance and a family I love so much I could die? I’ll take it.

What’s new with you?

My fave new song to go with housecleaning!

3 thoughts on “How Is Everyone Doing?”

  1. Doing ok. Nick’s grunting is back pretty bad the last couple of days…….he is still only on 1 mg. I’m wanting to go up to 2 mg if it gets worse before school (middle school starts Sept first week) but Nick’s dad (my ex) doesn’t want to. Still seems like a low dose to me. Its ultimately up to Nick and his comfort though. He is happy, in football, and I am ready for school to start as i work at home too! BUT lots of blessings all around – kids, husband, job, shelter, health, and a good Bible study group I got into 🙂

    1. Leanne – Doesn’t a good Bible study help? I swear, prayer and fellowship are a lifesaver for me. I’m also wanting to take a Worlds Religion class at some point. All my friends who have faith, not rigid religion, are so content. There is something to this.

  2. So glad to hear Stink is doing well! And I agree with you, I too am ready to bid Summer 2012 goodbye! Can’t wait to start back to school shopping – I only have two kids screaming over Wii right now (I think they’re having fun). A cup of coffee sounds good right about now, gonna go get myself one. . . 🙂

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