Stay a Julia Child at Heart

As the summer winds to a close, so does my ability to think past one minute intervals. I spend my beloved “free days” (days the kids go to friends’ homes due to trades) house cleaning, Ebaying, food shopping and hitting thrift stores. My soul is restless. I’ve barely written at all.

I can’t wait for the kids to leave the house for some much-needed structure beginning Thursday! But I know I’ll be sad as well. I love their little spirits so much. Their joy for life is infectious.

As I always say, joy and character far outweigh a few tics.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Julia Child would agree! If she were still alive, I’d invite her into my meager kitchen to whip up an amazing gluten free caesin free meal. I’m not sure that would be possible, given she cooks with more pasta and butter than we buy supplements around this joint. But in my fantasy, she’d have a twinkle in her eye, pass me glass of red, and – as she says in this video, “Bring on the roasted potatoes!… I love to smell something cooking… makes me feel at home!”

I just want to hug her. On days I’m a bit down or fear the future, I’d just lay my noggin on her bad polyester shirted shoulder. She’d pat my back with that big paw of a hand she has. She’d cluck cluck that life isn’t always perfect. Then hand me a duck as big as my head and tell me it’s time to get cooking.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do. I literally cried when I first saw it. There’s something about her complete ease with herself that makes me feel that the world is okay.

And your son or daughter with the tics? Trust me… you keep on loving on them and they will be fine. Julia Child couldn’t cook until her mid forties, so don’t think you will find you peace with this nutty disorder in a day. But you will. And one day, how fun will it be for us to gather around your table and have a glass of wine together?

Bring on the roasted potatoes! Bring on Julia!

3 thoughts on “Stay a Julia Child at Heart”

    1. Just so you know….I have come back and watched this many times because I love it so much. It is strangely comforting…or something. Hard to put into words.

      1. I know! i swear, she just exhudes love and laughter and the ability to nail what’s important in life. I love even when she says “You need some fat in your diet or your body can’t process its vitamins.” You can hear her laugh at the end. She’s just awesome.

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