Tics Gone Again!

3 things to report:

1. Tics are totally gone again. Amazing and so happy about that!

2. We met James Durbin at a local concert.

3. Refer to #2!

As you can tell from the photo, he was quite nervous as he was about to perform. Me? I’m clearly kind of happy about it. Stink and Pip? It basically went like this:

Stink:  “Mom, I’m playing pool!”

Me: “But don’t you want to take a pic with James Durbin?”

Stink: “After I’m done playing pool.”

Pip: “He is NOT your boyfriend.”

Me: “You little Shhhhts! Get over here!”

So they did. Ah, I was happy. More to come!

For the record, I really don’t have a crush on James Durbin. For gluten-free sake, he’s literally half my age. I’m just happy to see a kid who didn’t have it easy growing up and yet is so comfortable with himself. He is just such a rock star – literally. And while his heavy metal music is not my thing, his spirit and tenacity make him my little American Idol! And his voice? Wow. Can’t wait to see him cast in a Broadway show one day. (Hopefully my show!) Just goes to prove that T.S. or not, our kids can be who they are meant to be! Yeah, James!

In case you don’t know who this talent is, check out his single which he opened up the set with. “It’s time to see you stand up, let me see your hands up!”

And this is for Christy. Ahem. My public service good deed is done for the day. My slogan? Helping housewives everywhere discover new talent every day.

7 thoughts on “Tics Gone Again!”

    1. No, I’m not being sarcastic. You would surely be horrified by my complete and total lack of music knowledge. I have heard of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. That’s pretty much it. I’m like the old folks who stopped listening to radio around 1963 because those “Beatles” were just so awful.

  1. is Stink still on intuniv? My son has been for 6 weeks, recently complained of blurry vision a few times last week though he is in football practice in the 90s here……hydrating tons. he is only on 1 mg. Praying its not the intuniv – it always, always comes after computer use so he has an eye appt next week. Just bouncing thoughts off. I know who James Durbin is, I remember his eye blinking during Idol when I realized he had Tourette’s and thought what a role model. 🙂 Too funny about Pip’s statement above haha

    1. Hi Leanne – blurry vision? Yuk. We haven’t seen that. How is today? Do you think it’s the Intuniv? Stink is on 2 mg and it’s working well.

      1. he gets ocular migraines sometimes so hoping that its not intuniv – nothing blurry since Friday migraine when coincidentally his computer broke down – no blurry vision since staring at that thing…..will see. He is grunting again (ugh) and I want to try 2 mg but ……his dad (my ex) does not. I know that they will wax and wane even on meds, 1 mg just seems so low.

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