Tics Better, Chaos, Organization, Etc.

The tics are much better.

In an ever-growing understand I have about tics (which is basically, whatever you think is going to set them off the opposite happens) Stink had a big time sleepover the day his tics were at their peak. He came back, after 24 hours of food indulgences and electronics and lack of sleep, with almost zero tics.

It is clear: He is allergic to me.

That’s all I have to say right now about tics.

On another note, the kids refuse to give up their shared living space. What I’d love, in Ideal Andrea Land, is this:

Instead, in the reality of a budget and time constraints, they live with mismatched furniture.

With a tree (that is missing its branches) right in the center of their bedroom. It looks like I got a cardboard cut out on sale from some Spooky Town Halloween Closeout Floor Special Sale. Oh, wait, that is where I got that tree! DUH!

Similar to the problem I’m having cropping the photo above to right itself up, I’m dealing with, yet again, wanting things picture perfect and having to  settle with what really is.

What I won’t have for them is a 20k room make over.

What I will have for them? A cleaner space that doesn’t resemble a thrift store vomiting 1969 all over the paint stained hard wood floors.

Like my motto for tics,  I must take their “magic forest” wacky bedroom situation, and:

* Accept the part of the mess I cannot change

* Change the part I can

* And have the wisdom to know the difference

My wisdom for the day? My son will never be able to keep a fitted sheet on his mattress. I will be happy if he can just keep a regular one over his pee stained mattress (which I recently put up on crates to have more space underneath! Wooo hoo! Cheap and fun fix!)

I can get some metal baskets for his stuffed animals and my friend can hang them on hooks on his wall – once that wall is cleaned off and patched!

EVERYTHING gets cleared off the top of dressers. (including what you see above)

The old fan is being removed (woops, it’s “rainbow goodness” the kids love is going to “break accidentally” the day they start school to make room for new lights.

In with curtains!

Out with the idea of repainting the whole room.

In with Topanga T agreeing to paint trees like the one you see below!

Out with the idea that they will have matching furniture at this time!

In with the fact that my kids are learning basic organizational skills with the most basic of pieces.

In with relighting their spooky tree and fixing the branches!

Out with wishing for stuff that we just afford right now but in with having the ability to make it adorable anyway! In with their love for what is, not what isn’t. When can I learn that? WHEN? How about I start today. And every day, start again when I fail?

Why am I in such a fix up mode? Is it because I need something for my spinning brain to focus on? YES! And I’m okay with that.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress. It’s fun!

What about you? Any of you into reorganizing because it just feels good? And who else loves Pinterest?

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