And Even MOOOORRREEE Tarzans

Meh meh and meh.

I’m irritated.

And then I have to remember:

1. We’ve been on vacation for over one week.

2. Lots of screen time.

3. Lots of junk food.

4. Lots of cholorine filled swimming pools.

5. Less sleep.

6. More go go go!

7. Today we ran out of his Intuniv.

There’s no magic bullet on this Tourettes ride.


But we’re still better than we were last year. And we had a great vacation as a family. And, in the end, this too shall pass.

Hope you are all well!

14 thoughts on “And Even MOOOORRREEE Tarzans”

  1. Did the tics come back as you lowered the dose of Intuniv? Are you going to keep him off of the medications for now?

    1. @ Carla – Actually, God is good, because the tics came back while he was on the 3 pills. I am grateful in many ways, otherwise I would have blamed the 2 pill deal. We are now back on 2 pills and the Tarzan (a low ah ah ah every 30 seconds) is faint. He is still kind of hyped up from vacation. Honestly, I am just trying to stay busy and not obsess. It could be sooooooooo much worse. He is happy and playing contentedly as we speak with friends. How are you doing?

      1. well if you must ask…. we are just starting down this journey ourselves. My five year old son had a couple of bouts of mild eye blinking, nose twitching and post viral coughing or sniffing maybe once a year or so the past few years. Episodes would last about 6-12 weeks or so I would say. However, 2012 has been not fun. He started in February with eye tics that rolled into sniffing and then rolled into throat clearing. Now he is having some open mouth stuff that has morphed into head tics and neck stretching. Seems to be getting worse as far as frequency and obviously not much remission time in between. The interesting thing is that the flares can be helped by giving Motrin each time it seems. He is also on Bontech supplements (but I worry about the high levels of B vitamins) and Fish oil. Do you have any feedback as to the Motrin? Does this mean I may need to be thinking more about PANDAS or PITAND even though he really does not have any major behavioral changes? Other than maybe more clingy and sensitive at times? Sorry to lay this on you! Not like you don’t have your own problems, huh? Any feedback is appreciated, this is a very terrifying journey that we sure don’t know the prognosis until they grow up and look back in retropsect it seems.

      2. Was wondering if you can tell me… does the tic disorder usually level off at some point? In a year or two can you kinda see what you are are going to deal with?

      1. I was also wondering if you can tell me…does the tic disorder usually level off at some point? after a year or two can you sorta see what you are going to deal with? Thank you for the information, just very concerned!

  2. @ Carla – Hi there! I’m sorry you are going through this. Believe me, I know how rough it is. But it also gets better in so many cases. In ours, it got worse when he was in second/third grade, and now is evening off with some medication for ADD. I can’t say it’s ever been so awful that we worried for his social life though. It was really bad for a small period of time during State Testing in third grade when he did a lot of vocal clearings and squeaks and stuff, but that only lasted a month. And the Tarzan – the low ah ah ah warble – was consistent. My reaction to it was extreme, but the tic itself was more relentless than anything. With all my heart, I swear he is so happy. I think so much of it has to do with really really working in a kid’s gifts and not only focusing on tics. That is hard – I know – but we’re here for you! (Oh, and to answer your question about does it get worse, it all depends on the kid. I know, more uncertainty. It’s why I’m trying so hard to get used to life being inconsistent. It’s why my faith is so important. God and good people are consistent. Tics? Not so much.)

    1. Thank you for your response! I just wonder when it is time to experiment with medication? I was wondering if Intuniv would help with the frequency of these tics. His have become almost non stop all day through the summer. Does your little guy have any co-morbid conditions other than the ADD? When did the ADD start? Should i expect to see other conditions start to pop up?

      1. everyone is different….some out grow it some don’t….i think its time to consider medication when it starts to interfere (not just annoy) with life….school performance, self esteem….and not everyone has co-morbids.

  3. This particular tic just seems very uncomfortable to me! He kinda puts head back and opens his mouth pretty far, seems like muscle contraction is in his throat or larynx area, can actually see his tonsils at times! Hope it isn’t painful! He is just too young to really communicate any of this to me. And doesn’t want to discuss it, would rather ignore it, so that is what we are trying to do. Thank you for talking to me, it helps, Carla

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