Where I’m Really Ticked Off – A Hideous Few Days

Stink started his medication last Thursday. At least we hope it’s medication. There’s a 50% chance he was given a placebo. Based on his disposition the past week, however, we’re pretty sure what he was given a form of FDA unapproved BOC.

Standing for Behavior Out of Control, this pill has caused the following side affects:

* Uber lack of focus causing his teacher to send him out of the classroom with the following words, “I’m Done.”

* Passive aggressive meltdown post-school at a friend’s house where he “forgets” his writing journal, proceeds to lock himself into the bathroom, later crawls out of the bathroom on his belly and hides under said friend’s bed when I tell him we’re leaving, forcing the same words out of my mouth as his teacher’s, “I’m Done.”

* Being sent to principal’s office the following afternoon after being warned twice to calm down in music class. Apparently sticking his face into another girl’s face unannounced and then sucking in air like a gaseous puffer fish was not appreciated

* Unprecendented (even for Stink) aruging with siblings and parents, sloppy dinner behavior and more defiance than an O.D.D. kid raised in a barn

I’d love to say this is all an effect of the medication, but given Guanfacine’s (Intuiv’s) main side affect is exhaustion, I’m thinking my son is truly just experiencing B.O.C. which is making me experience LMS – Lose My Sxxt Disorder.

It must be a full moon or something, because many mothers on my beloved Twitch and Bitch private complaint support board are experiencing the same thing.

After talking to the beloved Dr. McCracken at UCLA yesterday, he affirmed that while anything is possible, this upswing in Stink’s turd-like behavior is likely not due to meds. He says that “kids like Stink” go through periods of this where it’s like a trickle effect – one bad event leads to another.

I’d like a trickle event to happen in my life, too. I’d like one glass of vino to lead to two glasses to lead to three glasses followed by a one year stay at a bed and breakfast where I’m served Yuban for hours by a twenty two year old Italian named Roco.

Wish me luck.

PS: Turns out Stink had an awful sore throat last night. “Oh, good,” I thought. “Maybe that’s the reason his behavior was so bad.” No excuses, of course, but could be his impulse control was even less due to illness.

I kept him home today from school so he could rest. I can report, with nothing but pure relief, that he was on the mend by 10:30am! I mean, look at him taking his bath. It’s like a miracle happened! Praise God!


5 thoughts on “Where I’m Really Ticked Off – A Hideous Few Days”

  1. I am sorry, but this posting made me almost pee my pants laughing! Seriously, thank God for humor in all of this. My son has been having a hard time focusing lately and I am currently listening to my (ever so patient) boyfriend review for a math test with him. I would be yelling (and perhaps taking 1/2 or whole (!) xanax by now if I was in the room with them. I may still need one, just listening…UGH. HANG IN THERE!!!

  2. @ Claudia – Okay, now I’m clear on how this works. Husbands come home after homework is done. BOYFRIENDS do it with your kids. I’m seeing where I went wrong.

    @ Christy – I have my humor and a friend down the road who owes me an email. Ahemmmmmmm

  3. @ Claudia – I can’t get a boyfriend, but I do have a lot of fabulous girlfriends who are my rocks. I am blessed for sure. (You enjoy that boyfriend, you hear???/!

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