And We’re Off…

…to our another UCLA meeting today at 3. Wish us luck!

Since nothing is easy with Stink, I have been reminded over and over by him that he “focuses just fine!”

This makes me feel a bit guilty. As I’ve shared with you all, and one personal friend quite a bit, I know that Stink would probably have been fine without any intervention. I don’t want to give my kid a complex!

But there’s something deep in my gut – a voice I’ve learned recently to not ignore. It it is not a passive voice. It’s loud and clear and persistant. It is screaming, “You’ve done everything for five years by yourself! Why not try this study for 8 weeks! You’ll know if it helps Stink or it’s just overkill! More important, Stink will let you know!”

So while Stink might not 100% understand why we are trekking into Westwood once/week for eight weeks, his mother understands. His mother needs a bit of support. She needs to get off the rollercoaster of “could” something else work and know once and for all.

I’ll let you know how we do. Worse case the drugs turn him into a zombie like robot who is devoid of joy, we’ll take him off. At least we’ll have had our fair share of delicious cafeteria meals. Stink loves that place. “I could live there!” he said last time we visited.

Compared to the way I cook, who can blame him?

Talk soon.

4 thoughts on “And We’re Off…”

  1. You’re damned if you do, damned if your don’t. So just roll the dice and see what happens. The worst case scenario is not terrible. The best care scenario is wonderful.

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