2 Reasons to Live

My left and right boobies: Both healthy!

I am keeping this short for no other reason than to let you know I’m thinking about you all.

I’m also relieved to report that my first mammogram came back healthy. I had no reason to think it wouldn’t, but it was scary none-the-less.

The take-away from the experience was that I realized just how much I had to live for. Sure, I loved my life before, but sometimes I feel sorry for myself. It took thinking about what it would be like to not be with my kids – tics and all – to make me realize just how fortunate I really am.

Now, to be fair, all negative mammos don’t mean death. And all tics don’t bother everyone. Am I being extreme here? Sure. But fear works that way. It’s like a seedling that grows like, dare I say, a cancer. Once it’s there, it’s hard to stop it.

Let me try and squelch some of your fears with this tiny post: Your child is fine. You are fine. I am here for you – my big healthy boobies and all of my heart. We love you.


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