#1 Piece Of Advice for Tourette Moms

I’m so pleased that my faithful commenter, Courtney, has happily connected with Kim a few posts below. It’s hard for some people to share their hurt over this disorder, let alone accept that it’s happening.

* Note: I don’t possess this privacy gene, much to my mother’s dismay. Perhaps I’ll score one at my favorite resale shop, Super Thrift. “Sale on Mental Filters! Used! You might speak Spanish after the installation, but give it a go and embarrass your family less!”

Even if a child’s case is “minimal” fear tends to run to the “maximum.” I commend those two ladies for finding each other and supporting each other. I encourage all of you to do the same. Kim and Courtney, let us know how you are doing so others can be supported and inspired.

I also thought I’d share my biggest tip for you T.S. mamas. Whether you are dealing with a small case of blinking or a much more severe case, I urge you not to forget this one main thing: Encourage your child’s gifts.

Encouraging our kids is absolutely crucial to their development as people, let alone kids dealing with a wonky syndrome.

Seeing your child thrive will also help you feel stronger.

I can’t say Stink is never bothered by his tics, but I would say that 99% of the time it’s simply a non-issue.

Me? I’d say when he’s ticking even a medium amount it bothers me 50% more than it should. But I’m working on that every day and have come a long way from the 110% magnitude I used to have. And, should his tics increase, I’ll likely go up again and have to talk myself off the ledge have you readers share with me what I’ve shared with you.

Every child is different. My daughter? She’s organized, a lovely ballet dancer with elegant form, and a budding pianist. She’s got usable skillsets!

My son? He’s, well, funny.

That’s his talent.

He’s given up karate. He has no patience for drawing. He’s good at school but doesn’t care about joining a sports team or a club. He just likes to make people laugh – all the time. A sense of humor is soooo important, so while I encourage him to be respectful in class and with adults and church (Dear Jesus, I don’t ever want to hear from the Sunday School teachers again about his rendition of Hail Mary Full of Farts) I am relieved he doesn’t take life so seriously. In doing so, he doesn’t take his T.S. so seriously. I believe his attiude seriously keeps his symptoms to a minimum. (And that’s no joke.)

I will leave you with this video taken last night after Pip’s ballet class. Stink came up with a 2 minute improv that might scare off some manly dads out there. But my husband and I (as manly as he is… ahemmmmm) just found this funny. Why? It’s STINK! And being Stink is just who Stink needs to be.

Stink is not his T.S.. He is beautiful. He is joyful. He is all boy. He’s….Little Miss TuTu!

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