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When You Let Go, It Happens

If you had asked me a year ago if I would be teaching art full time for LAUSD, in North Hollywood no less, I’d tell you that you were nuts. But today, after a two week sub assignment, I was asked to step into a role full time until June. This class – with its painting and noise and Vision Boards is pure chaos mixed with fun. It’s loud and different and intimidating all at once. AKA: Perfect for me.

The money is so needed. (And I’ll get my 100 days now for insurance next year!) It’s not without its downsides, tho. A close family member recently passed. I’ve got a writing assignment that is not yet done. The distance isn’t ideal.

And yet, the circumstances have all played out so well. When life flows, I know God is in it. Less resistance and organic movement are also signs that a power higher than my understanding is orchestrating the wacky music of my life.

Peace in my circumstances are always a sign. It reminds me to not stress about outcomes I can’t control (the recent teacher’s strike for example). Life is always more manageable when I just put one foot in front of the other and leave the outcome to God. I can have an attitude of fear (too far! not enough experience! too tiring!) or I can view everything happening exactly as it’s supposed to be unfolding. And when I do that, worry becomes an adventure. And in this rodeo mistakes alongside fearlessness coupled with exhaustion is part of the norm. Adventure expectations mean zero expectations. And in such mad cap “down is up”, joy can break through.

It beats being broke having anxiety attacks. You should try it.

Happily Ticked Off #15: When you let go of what you think you are supposed to be there’s room to become who you are meant to be.

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5 thoughts on “When You Let Go, It Happens”

  1. The whole letting go thing is so true. And can be so hard. LOL

    Congratulations on the full-time gig!!!! You’re the second person to pop up in my Reader talking about Vision Boards (coincidence or algorithms???) and I remember learning how they work and how to make one a long, long time ago but now I’ve kind of forgotten. I know you just cut pictures out of magazines or print stuff off the internet or whatever, but that’s about all I remember. I need more than that.

    Have you written a full-on post about it that you can link me to? If not, no worries. I know how to use Google.

    1. Hi Jinjer – Sorry for taking so long to reply. I had all these comments stuck in purgatory. Vision boarding for my kids meant writing a list of 10 things they saw in their future and then using magazine clippings, drawings or paint to represent that. Some kids went the full 9 yards and printed up pics of Ivy League Schools and future spouses. Others left it mostly blank with pictures of hot cheetos and cash. And, sadly, the difference between the two will likely be telling of said futures. My job? No judgment. Just love and letting go. (Can’t wait to check out your blog!)

  2. Hi Adelia. Thanks! My kid mentioned yours the other day. We should nudge them to hang out one day. Maybe force them to go to a museum or card game place or something. (Translation: Can’t we just play videos like normal teens?)

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