Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Back to the Food and Diet Doctor We Go!

It’s been about a month of school for my sweet boy and while he has no complaints,well, I do. His focus here at home is not amazing. There is so much energy coming out of him it’s kind of insane. Today was the first day in a long time I didn’t feel like I was having a conversation with the roadrunner.


To reference a speaker I heard recently, who spoke about contentment, I don’t want to go through life like Wild E. Coyote, always trying to catch that Roadrunner. Because really, it doesn’t work. Happiness based on a crazy end result (in my case, “fixing” tics) is ridiculous. Even if I caught a bit of that bird’s feathers in my greedy little palms, it would only slip through my hands, forcing me to chase it once again and putting me in a fowl mood. Okay, send me the bill… for being dumb… on the world wide webbed feet. (Oh, stop giving me the bird. I’m done with the jokes, so don’t get your feathers in a bunch, okay?)

For me, the game with T.S. is far less about running after crazy these days. Is my kid happy? (Check.)


If so, I am choosing not to be Grumpy. (And sometimes I fail… big time.. but I’m trying.)


As a black and white thinker in transition, I’m getting more comfortable living in the gray. There is a beauty to the unknown. Sure, the uncertain scary woods could land someone with a poisoned apple slipped into their pockets by a crazy stranger, but it could also mean they end up at an incredible royal ball … where they serve gluten free, GMO free, organic delights and the prince looks like my favorite fictional character and my breasts look AMAZING in my corset. (And the prince happens to be Sam Heughan and he loves me and life is one bleepin’ happily ever after with lots of sex great conversation.)

Outlander 2014

Back to Our Scheduled Programming

There is a fine line between letting my kid be who he is – eccentric, unique and his own little dude – and having him fit in to society. I don’t want him to be a follower, but I do think about his future. While it’s not right for anyone to judge my kid for noises or shakes (the least of those people being me) I desperately want him to have every opportunity at a great job, a good part in a show or the ability to go to the movies or a concert without someone asking him to “please stop with those sounds.”


I have always said this – I am not against meds – not at all .But… one last time… I’m going with the natural route first. I am doing so because, in my gut, I feel it’s right. As a person who is actively trying to calm down myself these days, I’m realizing my gut doesn’t lie. (Did you know lots of studies are out that compare our guts to our second brain?) Yup, my instinct feels we have never really explored the natural path 100%. I’ve seen some really good results with some of my friends’ kids, so I’d like to try. If it doesn’t work, we’ll go with traditional meds.

Love Our Naturopath

I am lucky to work with a really amazing naturopath. Here’s what he asked me to do before we see him again. I thought I’d share it with you in case any of it was of interest for your own child’s healthcare concerns.

Thinking of you all today and I’ll keep you posted!

Doc’s Recommendations to Figure Out Stink’s Internal Issues Before Proceeding with Food and Supplement Changes
1. Continue to limit video games/ iPhone / tablet (bright screens with fast moving images)
2. Continue with the following supplement regimen:
    a. Multi vitamin
    b. Taurine
    c. DHA by Nordic Naturals
    d.  Possible Magnesium Threonate (Designs for Health “NeuroMag) addition at 1/2 capsule 2-3x per week once baseline established
3.  Have Stink complete 23andme.com‘s genetic saliva test.
    a. once results are back, go to Geneticgenie.com and plug in your 23andme results for the “Detoxification profile” and “Methylation Profile”
    b. Email results to me
4. Complete questionnaire on Pyroluria and let me know how many “yes” answers you had for Dominic (will share this in the next post.)
5. Consider Finger stick food allergy panel by Alletess Labs.  Cost is $120, paid to our office.  We send you the test kit in the mail and you perform in the convenience of your home and then ship directly to the lab.

My Other Kid!

In closing, I thought I’d share a video of my daughter cooking. If my son is a combo of Fred and George Weasley combined, my little girl is very Hermione. I love her spunk, her elegance and how clear she is. Whether baking or dancing or singing, it’s not about how she looks to other people. It’s life on life’s terms. It’s true joy of doing what she loves.

Now in seventh and sixth grade, these little souls never cease to make my heart sing. I am determined in the last five to six years they live in my house that I enjoy as much of them as I can. I refuse to look back and think, “I ignored my daughter because I was so focused on her brother” or “I didn’t enjoy Stink enough because I was so worried about tics.” Will I freak out at times? Yes. But like a bad high school boyfriend, I am rejecting that negativity and actively attempting to replace it with joy and happiness. Because really, in the end, it’s all my perspective.

Until next time, remember to accept the tics you can’t change, change the tics you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.

More of my writing can be found at AndreaFrazerWrites, on Facebook at Happily Ticked Off or on Twitter @AndreaFrazerWrites. 

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