One of These Things Is Not Like the Other, Second Installment

A year and a half ago I brought you the first installment of “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other.”

Featuring Pip and Stink playing arcade games, as well as packing suitcases, it was very apparent that one had a Hermione Granger flair that was in direct and obnoxiously startling contrast to her Fred and George Weasley counterpart.

While one might think that over the years personalities might soften, my two rug rats seemed to hold even tighter to their attributes. And where did this show up more than when I received their school photos back?

First, I present Project A. Notice the combed hair, the polka dot jacket, the lovely smile and, peeking through the crisp vest, a modest tee shirt featuring a vintage typewriter. It’s subtle and modest. Class mixed with modesty. A real elegant stunner.


And then we have this.


Any questions?

3 thoughts on “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other, Second Installment”

  1. Christmas is coming – Your princess will be getting an 11 x 17 for her butterfly Pottery barn room. You KNOW she would love it. Just add the shelf and candles as an altar to the one, the only, almighty Stink.

  2. OMG- I needed that laugh. But both absolutely adorable. By the way, I have the same school pic of my son, only with a way more maniacal smile.

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