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Acupuncture to the Rescue: Tics Reduced!

Good news! This post is not as long as Sunday’s “War And Peace” expo Stink is seeing relief already from one treatment of acupuncture yesterday. I am so relieved. He came home calmer, with a 75% reduction in vocals. He still sported major eye rolling and head shakes/head butts, but his acupuncturist says it’ll take a week or so to really get suckers subdued.

I’m lucky as my son’s healer (and the source of my new found hope) is the incredibly talented Martina Eberhard who just happens to live across the street from me. She practices out of a darling 3 bedroom, wood floored, 1950’s cottage home. Her treatment room smells like heaven. It’s about about as clean and professional as any first-rate office park salon. In fact, it’s easier to relax in as the whole house is flooded with a personal warmth. Parking structure and cement? No thanks. I’ll take curbside service and a brick patio.

A few years back, she had come up with a treatment plan and supplements that she was convinced would really give Stink 90% relief. (Video and post here.)We ended up not seeing her plan to fruition because, despite only 20% of her treatment being executed, we saw such drastic improvement. Stink was tired of doing it, also, so we took a break.

Um, the above statement? It’s kind of akin to a bipolar person going off their meds because they “feel so much better!” Suddenly there are freak outs, manic screaming, and all around “What just happened?” despair. Pretty stupid, but let’s not berate ourselves with the past, shall we? Moving on.

As fate would have it, just when I started to lose my brain with tics, Martina mentioned that she saw this article on a teen Miss America who had severe T.S. and was “cured” through acupuncture. The formulas and treatment used on her were the same as Martina recommended for Stink two years ago, inspiring her even more to work on Stink again!

So, with my heart in my hands, tears in my eyes, I said “Yes.”

Full Disclosure: Martina’s rates are more than reasonable for her high level of skills. Check out the above video – she is sticking needles into my kids head and shins! She knows what she’s doing. That said, because of my professional writing background, we are trading service for service. I only mention this because if trades were not an option, I’d pay anyway. She’s that much of a healer. Eberhard did not pay for this review.

Big Take Away: Where there’s a will there’s a way, and sometimes we must get creative to make things happen. We all have gifts – why not use them to benefit one another?

Stink will begin acupuncture three days a week, then taper to two, then one.

Last night we had an impromptu bbq in the back yard. My sweet hubby cooked for us all, including Miss L and Martina. Connection and friendship out trump tics every time.

acu 2

I’ll keep you posted! Meanwhile, is something working for you?

Check out more posts about Tourettes at the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome where this blog is syndicated.

6 thoughts on “Acupuncture to the Rescue: Tics Reduced!”

  1. You are so inspiring Andrea and I hope you never stop writing to all of us moms. You are officially the only blog/website I allow myself to read regarding tics. As for my son, we have not found anything that has worked except for meds. He has been on them for 2 years now and the doctors would like to take him off to see where he is at without them. I am petrified. They are taking him off in January just before he has his tonsils and adenoids removed. I guess I should enjoy his calmness and mild tics now because I know whats coming.

    1. Cori – glad I could inspire. I’ve been also known to rebel rouse, stir the pot and be an annoying pain the arse. Thank God we’re pen pals, eh? So, let’s get down to brass tacs (unless brass tacs make your son tic and we don’t want tics from tacs but I digress…) WHAT is your plan when he’s off the meds? What is your plan for you to not go nuts? Write back so we can all chime in and support you. Andrea

      1. I have no plan other then to beg the doctor not to take him off yet. He was doing really well…..and then we went on vacation. My husband noted “wow, he’s so quiet”. Guess what happened the next day. Yup, new vocal tics. Ugh! I seriously need to find another outlet other then wine, hiding in my room and yelling at my husband. Does acupuncture really help?

  2. My son (9) is doing a behavior therapy for tics. It’s been 6 weeks (once a week). Will keep you posted…
    Happy holidays Andrea to you and your beautiful family.
    Thank you for your writing.

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