All Good Over Here

Just a quick check in to let you know we are all doing well. Stink’s tics have subsided – they always do – and I can’t say much of anything has changed other than we are being a bit stricter on his gluten/free dairy free diet as well as being more consistent with his sleep and supplements.

I have also been so busy myself that I haven’t really had time to obsess over it. We’ve had Mad Men themed teacher appreciation days, Mothers Day, family visiting from out of town, ballet and sports class…on and on.

I always say it, but when we can’t fix the tics, it’s so important to fix ourselves.

I love my life right now.

I love my home where we have kids over almost every day of the week.

I love my goofy son and my always practical and sensible daughter.

I love my kids’ school where my babies have formed amazing friendships, as have I. This is a truly Wonder Years time for us and I will forever be changed by the experience.

I love my husband who works so hard for us and is really growing as a father and friend.

I love that we have a neighborhood dog that pads across the street every day at 5 and barks to be let in.

I love that my mom went through a hard six months but is getting stronger every day.

I love that I’m starting to get that I’m not the fixer of the universe.

I am Andrea.

And some days, that is enough.

Love you all.

4 thoughts on “All Good Over Here”

  1. So happy to hear!
    My son’s tics have disappeared as well….
    ….hope it lasts long enough for him to make it through Kinder graduation….

    1. When does your son graduate, Kim?

      Thanks, Adelia! Looking forward to some summer fun with your boys.

      1. He’s graduating next week…..but tics are creeping back…think it’s the spring season causing darn allergies….oh well…still thankful they are not too bad!
        Thanks Andrea!

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