More later.

3 thoughts on “Placebo”

  1. I was curious about what’s in a placebo, and are all placebo pills created equal? Turns out:

    “Before conducting human trials for drugs, pharmaceutical companies are often fully aware of many of the side effects of the products they’re testing. So, for instance, if a drug is known to cause dizziness and nausea, the drug company running the test may want the placebo to have the same side effects. And they have an explanation for this. They say the placebo should mimic the drug being tested so that the control group of the experiment will have side effects similar to the placebo group. Without that, they claim, the results of a blind study would be compromised.” (HealthierTalk.com)

    Looking forward to hearing what you learned…

    1. @ Daria. Thank you. I will write more this week.

      @ Adelia: According to UCLA, there is no way that Stink’s tics could have been set off by the placebo. No way. And yet, we’re 80% reduced already not being on them. I’m just so tired of this. They have been so good to me at UCLA, but a clinical place is different from a mom place. I just want the best for my boy.

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