And the Contest Winner Is…

…Christa! You know, I forgot I even ran a contest. I have been just overwhelmed in laundry and housework and writing and Ebay and school stuff and, yes, tics.

But the tics are much improved! Woooot! It’s as if my body is no longer in “survival” mode and I’m starting to feel the relief that comes after the storm. Will fill you in on specifics later.

For me, this means the house looks like a hurricane hit and I sleep in on Saturdays until 12PM.

No joke.

First priority! Coffee for me.

Second priority! Feed children.

Third priority: Clean 4 hours straight with some blasting music.

Life is good.

Congrats to Christa who won a UCLA momento! Will write you in private and will get your mailing address.

Love you all!

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