Memorial Weekend, Ebay, Blessings Schmessings

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend. For those of you with family who serve our country, a big thanks from myself and my family.

I have to say, as the four of relaxed this weekend at the cabin, I did not once take it for granted that my little “tic” problem is nothing compared to what so many people go through in life – war and famine not withstanding.

Look at what is going on right now in Syria. My son has not been gunned down. My family has not been torn apart. I have the luxury of complaining on a computer while my children sleep peacefully in their beds. Sure, their room resembles a junk yard. But hey, they have stuff to throw around.

Lest I sound like I’m not allowed to be frustrated or sad, let me reiterate that our problems – and our childrens’ problems – are nothing to sneeze at. Life can be hard. It can seem unfair.

On the other hand, however, I am really trying to keep in check how fortunate I am to call a few tics “problems” when 90% of the world would trade places with me in a heartbeat. Well, they might not want my kitchen sink, but I have running water. And I guarantee so do you.

I hope if things get rough you know that I’m here for you. But that you also count your blessings.

That’s my goopy encouragement for this evening.

Until then, on a different front, I’m happy to report that my 82 year old mother and I are going strong on our Ebay business. I thrift store shop and list stuff. She mails it off. Since we have joined forces, we have turned a profit of 400! By the time you take out our meager investments and Pay Pal fees, we’ve each made about 150. It’s not a lot, but it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. We meet at Costco for our $2.00 pizza slice and soda and pour over the books. (Translation: The books consist of an old plastic 3-ring binder that she clips her handwritten accounting papers in.) We’re learning what sells and what doesn’t. We hope to double each month.

Last week, after sitting in my closet for 2 years, a stuffed animal finally sold for $9.99. (I know. We’re rich.) Thanks to my mom’s prompt shipping abilities, we got instant happy feedback. “Love the beaver! A ++!!!” I couldn’t help myself. I wrote her immediately. “Mom, when was the last time someone complimented your beaver?”

Her immediate response back, “It’s been too long. I’ll take any praise I can get.”

Every cent we have ever made, despite how little, has been worth it for that conversation.

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