Week 4 on UCLA Study

Saw Doc McCracken today. Tics still really bad. Focus unchanged.

The good doc asked if we could stick it out two more weeks. Then we could “un-blind” Stink.

Stink is not happy about it, but he’s going to go for it. After all, what is 2 more weeks so we can have clarification?

I am so tired at this point. The tics have been so relentless. But even more relentless is the love I have for this kid. He’s just the epitome of happy. I adore him.

I came home tonight to find my beautiful daughter and her handsome father cooking a fish dinner for us in the kitchen.  What I wanted to do was crawl on the couch and go to bed. Instead, I hung with Rex and let the kids watch a little TV. I remembered to say a little prayer, too. Life is far from perfect, but I have a great family. I love each and every one of them.

And I love you readers, also, for doing the best you can.  You are all wonderful parents and I am so proud of you. Raymond and Lisa, I will feature you soon!

Photo below of my beautiful daughter and Papa on her First Communion a few weekends back. This shot touches me so. They love each other so much. Love, more than fear, is so much more powerful than tics. Until later –




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