Chicago, Summer Camp and More

So Miss Adelia and I both left our kids with sitters and enjoyed a lovely meal in Hollywood. We felt very fancy with our big Diet Cokes and yummy Italian food. We ate on the patio with the warm breeze blowing. I did not once think about anything gluten free. “Bring on the dinner roles with the olive oil,” was my motto. It was delcious.

The show? Oy. Christie Brinkley is gorgeous. She’s actually quite charming and even funny. But she can’t sing. I mean, not at all. I wanted to like her. I really did. But I didn’t. Everyone else in the cast, from John O’Hurley to Amra-Faye Wright were spectacular. The dancing was superb and the costumes were incredible. But the story was dark. It was somber. And with all the evil in the world, I just didn’t get it.

You could say that I have been so down about Tourettes that my opinion was swayed. But the truth is, I wasn’t. I get annoyed when I’m in the same room with Stink for hours on end and get no break, but the moment I leave, I’m fine. And frankly, I’m getting less annoyed even with Stink. After all, he’s the one with this disorder, not me. I’m so unbelievably proud of his resilience and amazing attitude. I might as well have the same. He rocks!

In closing, I called a camp for summer. I was thinking about enrolling him and Pip in musical theatre. I mentioned that he has T.S.. Their response was that it’s fine if he comes with an aid. “An aid? He doesn’t even have an I.E.P., though,” I balked. “I just told you about his diagnosis so you wouldn’t freak out about a few tics during rehearsal.” Their response, “It’s fine! Really! As long as none of those behaviors that come with T.S. accompany your camper.”

Um… Huh. Head scratch head scratch WHAT????

I get it on some levels. They don’t have time to accomodate special needs kids who don’t come with special needs support.

On another level, though, it’s frustrating. I lose either way. If I don’t say he has T.S., they’re going to wonder why he’s occasionally coughing or churping during “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” or adding individual neck rolls to “Doe a Deer”.  If I inform them of his condition, though, and he does something very Stink like – very sneaky and appropriate for any average NT 9 year old  – he’s automatically singled out as “The Tourettes Kid.”

Forget that racket! I spoke to my hubby and we’re enrolling our kids in the YMCA this summer. I don’t have the energy for this crap. Once he gets his tics dialed and we’re off this study, I’ll go back to fighting dipshxxxts.

For now, I want to enjoy my summer, tics and all, and hopefully not have to sit through Christy Brinkley’s musical acts. Hell, she doesn’t have T.S. and should have been kicked out of that play. Funny how things work sometimes, eh?

Good night everyone! Love you all and am praying for your beautiful babies!

4 thoughts on “Chicago, Summer Camp and More”

  1. Yeah, I was like, “Christie Brinkley can sing Broadway showtunes???” And I wondered, “Why on earth would she accept this role?” Crazy. But at least you had a good time.

    Too bad about the musical theater camp. I just signed my little one up for dance AND musical theater. Vacation for Mommy!

    1. @ Christy – Your daughter is so talented. I’m glad you are doing that! I will also get my son and daughter into these things. But I need to have a little more down time and then we’ll so it in the Fall.

  2. Do you think the musical theater person thought he’d be swearing randomly? She might have that uniformed opinion? Surely, you told her this was not the case…and she was an idiot anyway. But I was just wondering if you got that out of her.

    Ever consider Destination Science Camp at Pierce College? My boys are doing it one week in August. It’s not musical theatre. But if he enjoys outdoor science experiments…Michael would be happy too…

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