Not Going Great

Hi all –

Here is a quick update just to report that things are not going great. Call it an upswing in tics. Call it State Testing. Call it the Intuiv or the placebo or just simply a new detergent that is setting his TS butt on fire, the itches triggering a ripple effect of bad behavior that has me scratching my head and drinking more Two Buck Chuck than I’d care to admit.

Bottom line: Things suck around here.

But I’m not in despair.

Just tired.

I’m trusting the process and not bowing out of this UCLA study. I’m looking at it like clarity. For those of you struggling with this, please know you aren’t alone. I am rooting for you all and this too shall pass.

In love and exhaustion – Andrea

PS: Note to yourselves: It is indeed possible to have your child hit the button on a friend’s garage remote control so many times that it burns out the motor and causes said friend’s father to be locked out of the house. This can all indeed happen within a 30 minute period when you are naively picking up gluten free bread from Trader Joes. Because, you know, going gluten free just might be the ticket to all your trials and tribulations. Ahem………………….

6 thoughts on “Not Going Great”

  1. Yikes. Hope you don’t have to pay to replace the motor! Those buttons are so much fun to push, though! 😉

    Hang in there! You’re collecting a lot of great anecdotes for your book.

  2. Maybe it has to do with the end of school year. Our son is also seeing an increase in Tics this past week. Have no idea where it is coming from but we are getting more serious about diet to try to feel like we are doing something.

  3. Test week is tough on all the kids. Michael’s allergies are in full gear…Nasonex makes him jittery; Benadryl puts him to sleep. So he sneezes through the testing and rubs his eyeballs out. What can I do? I try to make sure he sleeps well (so Benadryl only at night). Hang in there. This is the last week of testing. Things will mellow out considerably at school after that, and hopefully that will have a positive effect.

  4. Testing here ended last week and I also noticed a tic increase during those two weeks. I notice seasonal tic episodes (this especially happens for us in the fall). Hang in there! And curse that gluten free bread. . .

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