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The Best Day Ever Considering It Was the Worst Day

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The quick update for you all is that yes, today was not such a great day at first. But then it was awesome.

I went to therapy! Wooo hoo! And while many wouldn’t think this is so fabulous, nor would they brag about it, I love it. It means I’m taking care of myself. For one hour, I am fortunate enough to have insurance to cover my venting and rambling to someone who will listen without judgement.

Sam is awesome. With his penchant for hipster jeans and rockabilly Hawaiian shirts, he’s best described as a drug free Jimmy Buffet. He doesn’t take me too seriously, which means I don’t take myself too seriously, and within moments of my diatribe about tics, elitist casting directors who came to my house yesterday to “consider” us for a J.C. Penny shoot only to not say “please” or “thank you”, and let’s not forget neurotic whining about my book and sleep issues, he’s laughing.

This makes me laugh.

And then he checks his calendar. “Hey, you’ll be here next week also, right?”

“Yup,” I responded back.

“According to my notes, you are due for your period that week, so I’ll just assume that you’ll be back to bitch mode.”

I’m so glad he makes $100/hour to give me crap.

In addition to therapeuTIC goodness, I sold some things on Ebay. I visited a very cool theatre when I dropped off Miss L to her Annie Jr. rehearsal. My husband decided to give me his extra flying miles to go to New York for a weekend (anyone out there near NY and want to meet for coffee?) and I was assigned the CHICAGO review at the Pantages Theatre for next week by my local paper editor.

I don’t get paid for the article, but I get two orchestra seats at $85/pop to watch Christi Brinkley channel Roxie Hart.

Hooray for the turnaround!

* Photo taken of the kids on Sunday. God bless good friends, bbq, and CA sunshine.

Love you all. Life can be awesome so don’t forget to find the magic.


About Andrea Frazer

Find me at! I'm a produced television, magazine, newspaper and national blog writer available for freelance writing in the areas of faith, parenting, lifestyle and healthcare. In addition to ghostwriting and content creation, I am proud to be publishing my first book. Called "Happily Ticked Off," it is a humorous mom-moir about raising a son with Tourette Syndrome. I can best be described as Erma Bombeck meets Nora Ephron. I live to connect with others through writing, authenticity and just a wee bit of sass.

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  1. OMG you’re getting your period next week too??? Blogging must be putting us on the same cycle 🙂 Have a great time in NY!

  2. Wait! How come I don’t get to go to New York?!?

    You have to see “The Book of Mormon” for me.

    And have cheesecake at Lindy’s.

    And eat a picnic lunch in Central Park.

    And stroll through the lobby of the Plaza Hotel.

    And buy my daughter something from FAO Schwartz. ;-P

  3. I am just now catching up on everything. My God, Andrea, you are so f’ing funny. What a gift. For you, for us and for your family. You’ve also got an amazing heart and are very brave. Sending hugs to all of you!

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for the great work. Your blog has been very helpful for us. We are the parents of 2 healthy and great kids here in Texas. Our oldest son appears to have started some tics about a year ago (age 6); Mostly eye rolling and a twitch with his mouth. After doing some research, we went Gluten free and WHAT A DIFFERENCE… Literally, the tics went away and had not seen them in months. Recently the tics have come back and in the last few days with a vengence! We have reviewed the last few days and we realized the lawn was sprayed for pest control, he had an intake of milk (which we usually substitute with Almond milk or other) and a load of sugars and probably dye’s from the parties, cakes, etc., for end of school year, sports seasons, and the like..
    We are realizing that this truly is an individual journey to see what sparks the tics, but was wondering if you had any thoughts on directions to point us for books or support regarding supplements, diets, physicians who do allergy testing, etc., It all seems so overwhelming. We are willing to work, but just figuring out where to start is complicated. Thanks for any feedback!

  5. Andrea Frazer

    @ Mom Meets blog – Thank you for your support. Keep in touch as always!
    @ JCK – Um, hello Huffington Post Mommy Blogger Amazing woman – you rock, too
    @ Christy – Come with me to NY!

    @ Raymond – Glad you found your way over here. Sounds like you have a great head on your shoulders. Yes, isn’t gluten free amazing! When we cheat, it’s very very obvious. Like you, I agree it’s such an individual journey. I suppose the best thing I could say is to read Sheila Roger’s book on Tics and Tourettes as well as some helpful links over at ACN. Some good supplements don’t hurt either. I will post on those tomorrow or the next day. I am out of those and we have seen a big upswing in tics. It could be, though, that we are on a drug study. It’s not been a good scene for us. My gut reaction to staying pure without meds is likely the best choice, but I had to give this a try for my son. Feel free to email me personally if I can help. That goes for all of you. or


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