Happy Days Are Here Again

Things aren’t perfect, but I’m sooooo much more settled than yesterday. Sometimes it just means taking your mind off your worries and focusing on something else. Too much time is the devil’s handiwork, so they say, and that is very much the case with me.

This morning I got the kids up early and we headed over to school. I run the Friday parent coffees. It’s a really low key event where I brew Yuban, pray a parent brings some goodies, and let the conversation go where it will. It’s no stress, no major agenda – just a way to communicate.

Often, in the course of one hour, connections are made, projects are started, and spirits are lifted. Today, for example, I spent a good deal of time chatting with a new dad who is writing a book about God. Another friend of mine is also writing a book. And yet another father is, um, writing a book. You can tell my kids go to an L.A. school with all these side creative projects going on. I laugh that we are all earthy crunchy folk, though, as we’re writing novels instead of screen plays. Perhaps we will remain poor for such reasons, but the bonds created are rich and truly treasures.

I still have my moments of rumination over Stink, such as “How will our second big wig UCLA doc meeting go on Monday?” (Yes, five months later he finally set up an appointment for me. Note to moms: Advocate, advocate, advocate – with a smile if possible!) In the end, though, if I can chat with others and keep myself busy on positive tasks, life is so much better.

I’m off to finish some writing assignments, but I’ll check back with you Monday if not before. I am looking forward to resting this week and taking some good walks. I’ve been strung the heck out and it’s time to settle back down.

Hope you are all well!


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