It’s Summer Time!


Hello dear reader –

It’s summer! The job from hell is over! I did not lose my blessed ward and I did not lose my mind. I came close on a few occasions, but I did it!

I’m happy to report that I’ll be substitute teaching next year while I… drum roll… dip my toe back into the water of TV writing. It’s my dream and I’ve decided that at 48 it’s do or die. My daughter starts high school, Stink is already a Sophomore, and I’m kind of funny when I want to be, so off I go. I followed through on this post and actually wrote a Grace and Frankie for the Warner Bros. TV Writing Contest.

I’m now actively involved with another contest where I go every other Saturday for a month and hopefully get chosen to be one of twenty to work on a new pilot with a top show runner. Prayers, finger crossing and fasting welcomed for this hopeful mama!

Keeping it short for now. But my kid, well, he’s not short. He’s my sweet, ticking SIX FOOT FOUR wonder child. I adore him. (This summer he’s having his new posse of friends from high school over for pizza and game nights. He is heavily involved in “Nerd Club” at school, plays Magic the Gathering, and walks around with a pink basket some girl gave him to house his anime cat. 5 A’s and a C this semester. Just goes to show that when we let our fears of who we think our kids go, our kids can rise to the occasion every time. In my case, he has risen a whole head above me and he’s not stopping anytime soon.)

Until next time,

May God grant you the serenity to accept the tics you cannot change, the courage to change the tics you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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Summer Lovin’, Had Me a Blast

I don’t know about you, but we’re thinking about summer around these here parts. For me, summer means working on my book, Ebaying a bit, seeing family and friends at lazy summer bbqs, sprinklers, sleeping in and new growth.

With the insane running around my family sometimes does, despite our best efforts to stay in the moment, summer also means time to be still. It means enjoying each of our family members regardless of tics, age, disability or bad hair days. Life is best when it’s savored.

My kids, more than anyone, get that. On Sunday, as if to say, “Mom, we’ve had enough of the mad cap dashing around town,” they found a spot under our large oak tree and broke out a game of Uno. And there they stayed.

For two blessed hours.

My daughter could care less that my son was sputtering and clicking away. All she cared about was whipping his butt at cards.

He was a gracious loser, too.

Until tomorrow, enjoy those kids of yours, tics and all. Tics tend to vanish when they become adults, but these precious moments of childhood are so brief.