Still the Same

Here’s the upswing of an uptic. I’ve done this long enough to know that this, too, will pass. It simply can’t be that the meds aren’t affecting him. And so, we will wait it out and start over again this summer. Things seemed to be best when we did acupuncture twice a week. So that’s what we will do again.

And then, if my book gets sold, or I decide to get off my butt and get a job, I’ll do Brain Balance.

But the one thing I won’t do, tics or not, is go back to that place of “my life will only be happy when my kid stops ticking.”

That’s just silly.

As I type, the babysitter is playing hand ball with the kids. I cleaned the house while she made dinner. Tonight I’m picking up the lovely Adelia and off to see Chicago we go! First stop, dinner in Hollywood. Oh, what was that you said? No, the tics weren’t invited. They will be put in their place where they belong which is out of mind so I can enjoy myself.

I hope the same for you. Enjoy yourself! Your kid is fine and so are you!


And When They Could Not Get Worse…

…they did.

The worse tics ever today.


I’m really trying not to be beside myself.

But I’m beside myself.

I don’t think (obviously) this UCLA study is going well at all.┬áThe best I can hope for is clarity at the end of this so I can have a better idea of how to parent this kid with (or without) meds.

Tonight, as luck would have it, Stink asked to pet a dog in front of our house. I have never seen this lady in my life. He walked away, after madly sputtering and eye rolling and squeaking and throat clearing, and she says, “Oh, does your son have Tourettes?”

“Yes,” I say.

“I know because my daughter has it. She’s 21 now.”

I was hoping to hear this great story about her – how she’s amazingly gifted and secure and has no problems at all.

“She can barely get through college. She has OCD, ADHD and her judgment is so bad she was recently arrested.”

Well that was helpful.

Folk, listen to me: We are not going down that path. I don’t care what my kid has or yours, we are going to fight like hell to accept the tics we can’t change, change the ones we can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. We are going to get good support systems going – for us and them – and we are going to nurture their spirit until their character far outweighs some impulse issues.

I don’t totally believe I can do this tonight. I’m pretty defeated right now. But guess what? I have another daughter to raise. I have a book to write. And my kid? He’s going to rock – regardless of this rough spot. We’re all going to look back one day and have a good laugh. Here’s to staying positive!

And here’s to a $40 gift card from hubby for Starbucks! If I’m not drinking wine, I’m drinking good java. Tonight is the night if there ever was one.

Stay close by, okay? We’re going to all learn from this! Andrea


Tics Never So Bad – OY

A dear friend asked me today something today. He commented that not being able to change tics, but instead change yourself, made sense. Why, then, would I be so bothered by an uptick (no pun intended) in tics?

I could probably give a long answer psychology wise on why this is so, but I am too tired tonight. Instead, let me ask you: Why do tics bug you so much? Is it you are afraid of your kid being teased? Does it bring back bad memories of childhood for you?

As for Stink, we went from 1 pill to 2 via the UCLA study. Not only is he focusing horribly, but his tics are through the roof. My hubby, who never notices them, asked me tonight, “How are you doing? I mean, Stink’s tics are beyond out of control.”

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. I was so happy he actually FINALLY saw what I see every single day.

But I’m a bit disconcerted that, well, it’s likely that Stink has either been given a sugar pill placebo or he just isn’t reacting well to the meds.

Moral of story? Mamas, go with your guts. If you don’t want to do meds, don’t. For me, I don’t think we will stick to meds long term, but my gut says we need to finish this to its conclusion. So off we go.

Wish us luck. And I will wish the same for you. Love you all.