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My Date with Dr. Chuckles: And Other Thoughts on Therapy


I’m a huge believer in therapy for a variety of reasons:

1. Just talking about stuff is a release.

2. No matter how great your spouse, your friends and your relatives are, it’s good to get an outside opinion.

3. If you’re paying someone to hear you rant, they HAVE to listen. Even if it’s the same rant over and over. And over. And over. And over.

Notes on finding a great therapist

1. If you don’t click with someone, don’t feel you’re not a candidate for therapy. Keep going until you find the right one.

2. Don’t stick with anyone who forces their agenda on you.

3. If you aren’t growing, it’s not the right therapist.

4. Don’t be afraid to find someone who makes you laugh out loud.

#4? That’s big for me. I found that guy. And I tell you, I have been forever transformed because of him. I rarely see him anymore, but if I have a crap week – like last week – I always know I can reach out to him.

Just his texts alone have me in better spirits. (Name crossed out to protect the innocent. Click on it for a bigger picture.)



Some therapists might not take too kindly to being told to F off over text, but that’s why I’m not with those kinds of therapists.

Until tomorrow, may God grant you to accept the tics you cannot change, change the tics you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference.




About Andrea Frazer

Find me at! I'm a produced television, magazine, newspaper and national blog writer available for freelance writing in the areas of faith, parenting, lifestyle and healthcare. In addition to ghostwriting and content creation, I am proud to be publishing my first book. Called "Happily Ticked Off," it is a humorous mom-moir about raising a son with Tourette Syndrome. I can best be described as Erma Bombeck meets Nora Ephron. I live to connect with others through writing, authenticity and just a wee bit of sass.

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  1. lederhosen and a clown fro! hahaha There’s the writer that we know and love 😉

  2. Have you heard about this?

    We’ve been trying it out vaguely, but it seems to have helped. He primarily has a problem with his head jerking.


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