Stink talks T.S. – Martina Eberhard

Hello everyone!

In this video, you can see some of the great changes acupuncture has made to Stink’s vocals.

More on this from Martina to come this week.

Keeping it short – my hubby is out on biz, my kids still have homework, and I am dead. Tired.

Talk soon!


3 thoughts on “Stink talks T.S. – Martina Eberhard”

  1. What is it with boys and those satiny long shorts? So boring! I’m going to send you links to Hanna Andersson and Crewcuts. Wouldn’t Stink look cute in some of their outfits?? ;-P

  2. Watch it. He plans on marrying your daughter. I will make him wear satin white shorts. If he wears Hanna Anderson he is marrying the wrong sex.

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