Twas the Night Before Tic Mas…


…And all through the house

My Stinker was squeaking

A bit like a mouse

It wasn’t too, bad but it did make me pause

That I’d sure like a gift from dear old Santa Clause

One for myself cause’ I’m selfish that way

But one also for you to arrive Christmas Day

Just a wee little something for us all to calm down

When Tourettes takes our smiles and turns them to frowns

See, you folk are emailing me all over the place

That your kids’ tics are growing at quite a fast pace

You’re all freaking out – “Could it be sugar or Grinches

That’s causing the coughs and the crazy nose pinches?”

And while some of it’s diet and perhaps lack of sleep

The truth is that none of this might cause the squeaks

It could just be that tics go up and go down

And who knows the darn reason those darn things hang around!

So Dear Santa, it’s Andrea… help me to feel fine

For my son feels content – help me, too, fall in line!

Bring me a present that might not mean healing

But instead comes with grace and with thanks and good feeling

For my boy – he’s so big now – oh, my, how he’s grown

Give it ten years and I’ll be here alone

I don’t want to be thinking, “I missed this great season…

…I was freaked out and stressed. I blame tics for the reason!”

No, let me remember that all kids have stuff

It’s our love and our compassion that must be enough

So to moms out there struggling, with all of my might

Take my virtual hugs – it’ll all be alright!


Love, Andrea

In closing, here is a video from my sweet little Stinker and his biggest fan, Pip.


Check out more posts about Tourettes at the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome where this blog is syndicated.

2 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before Tic Mas…”

  1. Oh, what a CUTE picture! I was delighted when I clicked on it and it slowly stretched into a big picture so I could get a good look at your babies!! They are getting big!! Stink is so handsome and looks like a total tween. Pip is gorgeous and looks like her fabulous mom!
    Big hugs!!

  2. Beautiful! I am smiling but at the same time tears are running down my cheeks. So very true, thanks for the reminder. I will be printing this for sure. So thankful for you and your sweet, comforting words just when I need them the most .

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