Wow, It’s Gone!


My husband’s job of 14 years, not the tics. (Got you excited, didn’t I?)

Before you all go telling me how sorry you are about the big sad scary loss, let me tell you that this is the best thing that has ever happened to us. He was OVER his job. With the new changes comes new opportunities for us as a family – GREAT opportunities. We walk the kids to school every day, pick them up together, shop together, cook together and hang out all the time. It’s awesome.

No work for him means I get to go back to work! I’ve started writing 2 times/week for an old producer who has 3 shows up for a series. There is talk of her hiring me full time for production on the set. But first.. I need a sample script. Which I don’t have – not an updated one anyway. Still, she read my book and thinks that it would be a great sample script as all the material is there.

And yet… yet….as awesome as that all sounds, I would really like to publish the Mom-moir sucker first. Plus I have a full time job interview tomorrow for a decent company because, well, I hear health benefits are kind of important. And food. I can live on rainbows and hope, but my kids cannot. I need to do what is best for all of us.

I tell you all this because, for some reason, I am not in fear at all. It’s been nothing but excitement and expectation. I swear, T.S. taught me that. I have really learned to live with uncertainty and to create my own norm. It took a while, but how wonderful it is here!

Stink’s tics are pretty low, though there are some vocals now. (I’m thinking a week of Halloween parties, gluten, school, tests and a pending Disneyland Trip are the culprit. Ya think?)

Keeping this short, but wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments and support. I could not be so balanced without you. I hope I have given you as much centering as you have given me.

So, on a Halloween note, let’s take a show of hands: Who is letting their kids just go plum crazy on Tic Trick or Treat and stuff themselves full of more candy than we have complaints about  T.S.?

* Pic of my little Calvin at last night’s Boy Scout Halloween party post pie-eating contest. Grandma’s fat sausage Chihuahua, Lily, will be dressed as the tiger, Hobbes, for Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Wow, It’s Gone!”

  1. Just wondering when you say Stink’s tics are mild right now, what do you consider to be mild? I feel like my son’s tics are waxing right now and not mild and my husband thinks I am crazy. I just wanted to get some perspective on what other people consider ‘mild’.

    I also just wanted to say that my husband was laid off at the beginning of the year. We had about 3 months together before he found another job and it was truly a great 3 months (albeit a bit stressful). Taking the kids to school, spending quality adult time together….it was wonderful. You have such a great, positive and humorous outlook on everything. I hope you keep blogging even if you start working full time.

  2. Hi Chole – Sorry it took me a few days to respond. Halloween and parties and Disneyland and jobs and cooking (apparently the kids need to eat… EVERY day) rocked my world. I am back!

    You asked me what I consider “mild” and it’s a great question. I consider it to be something that, if he were in a crowd, no one would notice. For example, he is now doing this low gulpy throat deal. He punctuates his sentences with it or just does it after speaking. It’s not totally taking away from his speech (has done so in the past and I’d call that medium) but it’s there. He also is exhibiting some head nods. Minor enough. At Disneyland, on the Pirates ride, his eyes were darting and he was doing pretty strong up down up down head nods. I’d still call that medium, not excessive, as he’s not shrieking or screaming.

    To conclude, when Stink was first diagnosed, a simple eye blink was enough to have me want to call 911 and give him an 11 on a 1-10 scale for severity. I’ve realized that while emotionally I might be in the stratosphere, my son’s true real tics are not. When they get nutty (like on the Pirate ride) I still feel a complete sway of ugg. But if I turn away, I am back in the moment of a wonderful day with my family. I don’t live there. I know it will pass.

    If you are not there yet, believe me, neither was I. It gets better. And for many people, they find certain diets and drugs to clear up their kids tics almost 100%. I just am not one of those. I am of the 80% eat well and exercise deal, but at parties or Halloween, he over does it. I’d rather have a happy ticker than a miserable straight faced kid who is missing out. Hope this makes sense!

    Where are you at on the tics? Okay? Sad? Awful?

    Yes, I will keep blogging! You readers are my PEOPLE! Love to you! Andrea

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