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As I limp toward the final chapter of my book and procrastinate promised, I have updated my supplement page! Based on feedback from several of you who have issues slogging through all the blog’s info, I created an individual Supplement Page here.

In addition to that page (which will be updated as Stink’s needs change) I have also created new pages for book reviews, media events and more. I will plug in the information a bit at a time, but meanwhile, look around and tell me if you think this is helpful or over-optimization.

In closing, most of my blogs will be found right where you always find me – here! If I add anything new, I will always link from here to the page, such as this from the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome

Check out more posts about Tourettes at the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome where this blog is syndicated.


About Andrea Frazer

Find me at! I'm a produced television, magazine, newspaper and national blog writer available for freelance writing in the areas of faith, parenting, lifestyle and healthcare. In addition to ghostwriting and content creation, I am proud to be publishing my first book. Called "Happily Ticked Off," it is a humorous mom-moir about raising a son with Tourette Syndrome. I can best be described as Erma Bombeck meets Nora Ephron. I live to connect with others through writing, authenticity and just a wee bit of sass.

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  1. Thank you! For a while it wasn’t wanting to let me post a comment, tried on a whim today.


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