This is the Most Boring Summer EVER

I picked up Miss L today at 9:15 at Starbuck’s. It’s my routine every Tuesday and Thursday since her mom, who is going through a divorce, lives half way between the home she is house staying at and my house. While Miss L sings songs with Pipsqueak to the beat of Starbuck’s stirrers tapping on the café tables, Stink and I talk about life. I have learned quite a bit talking to Stink in these early morning hours. A few of the things that stick fresh in my mind are:

* “This is the most boring summer ever.”

* “I think it’s unfair that Z,  Jul and everyone else on the planet have Ipods, IPads, Wii U’s and Nintendo DS’s while I only have a computer.”

* “I really want to understand how God can always be there even before there was a beginning since that really doesn’t make sense?”

After shoving away my L.A. “Let me make everything better for you so you can have short lived self-esteem” reaction, I gave him the real answers that hopefully will lead him through life with a good dose of therapy reality.

* “I’m sorry your summer is boring. It’s hard to read and learn Mandarin and actually do chores. One day when our cabin is rented which, by the way, is a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM as many people live on the ground on cots IF THEY ARE LUCKY you will go to summer camp with the savings.”

* “I understand that your friends have computers and gadgets and all sorts of electronic gizmos that allow them to communicate with Cyberspace. You get to develop your personality, look people in the eye and develop the character that comes with not getting everything you want because, word, life is UNFAIR.”

* “I don’t know how God was always there but he was and, just like me, he loves you. His presence, like my rules to keep you safe and well-mannered, is one giant mystery. Adore it! Revere it! Bow down!”

I totally think he gets it.IMG_6137

* Miss L, Pip and Stink after errands with Grandma. At one point in the future they will thank me for their ability to read Roald Dahl in their pjs and dress up clothes while I play Big Band Christmas in the backround and dance like a chicken.


1 thought on “This is the Most Boring Summer EVER”

  1. I want a bumper sticker with this on it: His presence, like my rules to keep you safe and well-mannered, is one giant mystery. Adore it! Revere it! Bow down!”

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