Sunday Podcast #1 – Blair Witch Project Style

My darling husband just informed me that, due to the angle of the camera shooting up my nostrils and giving me more turkey neck than a Zacky Farms commercial,  I look like I’m making home videos “Blair Witch Project”.

I don’t care.

In fact, I still don’t know where to put the period – inside a quote? Outside a quote? All I know is that, at 42, I’m happy to get a period every month.

This is all I have to say today.

Until tomorrow, here is my first video of 2 this week.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Podcast #1 – Blair Witch Project Style”

  1. Hi Andrea,

    My name is Sabine and I live in Montreal (Quebec), Canada. I’m 42, married with 2 boys. My eldest who is 8 has tourette since the age of 4. I was searching a blog about tourette because I was thinking of starting one in french. I saw your posts I couldn’t stop reading. Read the whole thing. Cried, laughed…went to bed at 1 am ! Your story is exactly what I’m living right now but I find you have a more positive way of seeing things than I do. My son’s tourette is mild; simple and complex motor and vocal tics, and we don’t want to medicate him; and there is no need for now. My biggest worry is his self-esteem. I would like to know if Stink is still on meds? Does he have tics that hurt and if so how does he deal with them? Does he try to hide his tics from others? Was he diagnosed with ADHD as well?
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I don’t feel so much alone anymore.

  2. Hi Sabine! My son has had TS since 4 also. How have you been dealing with it? I’m glad you were able to find my posts here some comfort. Sometimes I feel like I’m a nutty obsessed writing into the netherworld.

    Well, I really AM a nutty obsessed mom.

    But more than anything, I just want my boy to live up to his full potential, T.S. or not.

    Sabine, WE MOMS need to live up to our full potentials, too. And what is that?

    For me, it’s having kids, T.S. or not, who are happy, confident and self-sufficient. Scratch happy. Happy depends on outside circumstances….
    “IF I don’t have T.S.” or “If I have a great job.” I want my kids to have joy which is dependent on less than peaceful circumstances. So far, so good! At least for them. I am still working on that.

    You asked if Stink was on meds? Yes. He takes 200 mg/day of Intuniv – a focus med. It has changed his world in terms of not staring into space and recalling info. I think it aggravates his tics, though. My goal is to get him off it by going into some sort of neurofeedback or Brain Balance for both tics and focus.

    ADHD? Aspergers high functioning? He was semi-diagnosed with those. I know – I’m so lucky! The trifecta! Luckily we are Catholic so the trinity works well with us. But honestly, if he has the ADHD or Aspergers it is very mild. He only fit the criteria enough to get into a University study. Frankly, I am over diagnoses at this time. I could be diagnosed with TSI – Thrift STore Ituts. I’m cheap. I like a good piece of scratched furniture I can paint for 4 dollars. Doesn’t make me clinical.

    I am glad you don’t feel alone because YOU ARE NOT! We are here for you!!!!!!!!!!!

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