Michelle Obama’s… I Mean Stink’s… Speech

In this year of elections, I am proud to say that Stink’s teacher and myself have nominated my kid as Chair Speaker of 4th Grade for Tourette Syndrome Awareness.

It is happening at 1PM on Friday. Both his papa and I, despite being on polar opposites of the poli-TIC-al fence, will put aside our different opinions in support of our grand candidate.

There will be hugs. There will be cheers. And yes, there will be wine coffee following.

That’s all I have for today.

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4 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s… I Mean Stink’s… Speech”

  1. Prayed for Stink’s speech to go well. Please let us know how it goes. My heart goes out to you guys. I met with Nick’s teachers 2 days ago to explain tics……..one of them seemed not very compassionate. Will see how it goes. Very happy that Stink has the confidence to do this 🙂 That kid sounds so amazing to me. Give him a hug from our family, please.

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