Book Intro – Last Question

Thank you to everyone who posted feedback below. It’s invaluable. If any of you have any writing you need feedback on, don’t hesitate to ask me!

I have one more quick question: A friend of mine, who does not have a child with T.S. – and who has been reading my book from Intro thru Chapter 5 – said: “I love it, but it feels a bit like you’re giving away the whole book. I mean, don’t you want to keep some things a bit more hidden to hook people?”

She admitted she was unsure about this advice. She has given other notes she has been adamant about, so I trust her when she says she could go either way on that note.

In my opinion, since this book is geared a bit towards self-help, it seems that parents who are hurting might want an intro that immediately gives them hope. They might want to see, from the get go, that yes, marriage can be strained. Fears are normal. Pity parties happen – but there is relief!

Do you think I gave away too much? I mean, do you feel like you read the book or is it enough of an appetite wetter that you want more. Because trust me – there’s a heck of a lot I have not said. I’m just giving folk the overall theme: That T.S. isn’t the end of the world.

Thoughts? Sorry to be all about me the past 2 posts. I thank you all so much!

6 thoughts on “Book Intro – Last Question”

  1. Read and reread a “self-help” book once that started out in the first paragraph with the promise that everything would work out if I did what was outlined in the book, and not what I had been doing. It gave me such peace and a sense of empowerment even before I started reading it. And the author was right, everything did work out. I think you’re on the right track.

  2. I have no advice about book writing because I’m a lousy writer…BUT, I will say that I think it’s really cool that you’re writing a book, especially since I can casually namedrop you. People will be impressed that I’m friends with an author. If I can’t impress people with my own achievements, I can impress them with yours.

  3. I agree with Joy – to hook someone from the get-go you need to give them hope, especially with parents who are struggling with something like TS. It doesn’t hurt that there is tons of humor in your writing, either 😉

  4. I agree ….most parents reading this type of book… are not looking to get to the END of the book for hope….they need it from page one.

    Karen b

  5. @ Leanne and Karen – Thanks! I think I will keep much of the intro, but tone it down a wee bit to accomodate notes like my friend’s, Adelia’s and Lisa’s. I personally know i don’t give the whole book away – but if they feel like it’s too much – maybe it’s something to consider. Thank you, everyone!

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