Writing Class, Writing Job, Intuniv Update and More!

Lions and tigers and bears – oh, my!

It’s been a crazy summer, and it’s only June 22. With my 2 children at a friend’s house all day, I’ve been inspired to get my act together around here. (Clearly they miss me, based on this photo posted on my Facebook wall from the dad in charge. It’s entitled “water play.” I love my daughter with her sword and the sprinklers. So classic childhood summer!)

I have a few updates to share with you before I keel over in hunger at my desk, so here goes:

1. Intuniv

I saw a small upswing in tics yesterday after our UCLA appointment some face grimacing and eye widening. A little bit of throat clearing. It’s all very minor, and I’m pretty sure it’s due to some cheating in diet (hello summer ice cream) as well as some extra computer/tv time. There’s been a lot of excitement over here with friends in and out of the house. It is what it is.

Takeaway: If your kid has T.S., no matter how awesome the meds are or the diet you have them on or the supplements or the gluten free bat pee mixed in their organic apple juice, they still might tic. Don’t beat yourself up.

2. Writing Work

I’m going back to freelance writing again. I got so lucky a few years back with my BabyCenter gig, as well as my Good Housekeeping gig. I wrote almost daily for 3 years. I got paid to sit at home and blog about my life.

I’m not saying I’m not a good writer, but I was also very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. (Right place: my home office in my period stained underwear surrounded by Ebay items when the right email from the right networking group landed in my in-box.)

Times have changed. The economy has crashed. Writing from home is not as easy as it used to be, nor as lucrative. Still, I’ve updated my Linked In profile and am giving it a go. If anyone out there wants to be “friends” on Linked In and check out my profile, look me up! I am listed as Andrea Frazer. I’ll gladly look at yours also.

Takeaway: Time to make some money doing what I love most

3. Writing Class

I have taught 4 different online writing classes. I’ve hesitated about teaching anymore as I don’t want to mix business (money for writing classes) with pleasure (writing for you all.)

That said, I’ve had a few requests for teaching. Also, to be totally upfront, until I get a new corporate/national column, I’d like to ease up on Ebaying and make some money doing what I love best: Writing.

This class would focus on how to get paid writing. I’d be querying editors right along with you. We’d support each other and raise each other up. And, if at the end of the course, if you don’t get anything from the class, I’ll gladly refund the money. (But that won’t be an issue. I’ve never had complaints. Still, since you feel like my people, I have to offer that option so there are no feelings of weirdness!)

Info on the Class: You can find more info on the class here. I’d like to start Monday, July 2. (We can work around everyone’s summer schedule as this is an online course. No pressure on that.)

Takeaway: Take my class! We’ll know more about each other than we ever wanted to and get rich in the process! (Or just cut and paste my class into your Facebook profile and tell your friends. I’m ready to start generating money while I write and help others.)

As for the rest of my day, I’m off to write my book and clean my house and maybe, just maybe, eat. That’s a concept.

Hope you are all doing well yourselves!

3 thoughts on “Writing Class, Writing Job, Intuniv Update and More!”

  1. When my son first started meds for his tics I was terribly mistaken that he’d have no more. Now I know that meds do wonders but aren’t a cure. He has good and bad days and you just never know how they day will go. I too enjoy writing. I would love to find empoyment doing this, or figure out how to freelance myself. Any suggestions?

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