Off the Wii for a While

I took Stink off the Wii as of last weekend. Perhaps it’s only Mario that poses the real problem. Perhaps he would tic less if we all played tennis or baseball as a family. But then, here’s a concept: Since we live in sunny Los Angeles, perhaps we could actually go outside and play tennis or baseball if we wanted.

It was a hard decision to make. Like when I pulled the D.S. plug, I waffled between “Am I doing this for me?” or “Am I doing this for Stink?”

Honestly, for now, it’s for my sanity. His tics had gotten so bad, despite weekly acupuncture, herbs and a good diet, that even a mom friend from school reported her daughter saying, “Wow, I have never heard Stink’s tics so loud before.”

Really, is that a good way to live? It can’t be.

I suppose I am asking for a little back pat. A little, “Hey,  you’re doing the best you can with this, Mama.”

I know I am. It just sucks sometimes.

I suppose I know that even with all my good cooking and non-video games my little dude is still going to tic sometimes. But it’ll be less. (This weekend we’re down 50%.) And does a child need a bleeping computuerized plumber flooding dopamine into his brain to live? I don’t think so.

But I worry.

I do.

And now, I’m done.

Happy Spring Break! More soon. Love to all of you. LOTS OF LOVE!

6 thoughts on “Off the Wii for a While”

  1. You know I’m behind you!!! (It is actually “National Screen-free Week”!!) I hope it helps a lot.

  2. Consider your back patted – you’re doing the right thing, Mama! The Wii (and the other assorted gadgetry) affects them, I know it affects my kid. Sending Mario on spring break is okay (just don’t send him over here!) 🙂

  3. Now that you mention it, it is kinda silly how we play tennis on the Wii and we have a real tennis court across the street and we’ve never walked over there and actually held a real rack and hit a real ball.

  4. Paige keeps asking me for a Wii. I told her I’d rather he be outside playing a “real” game…in the fresh air! No wii’s in her future!! Good for you …it’s a good thing!

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